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Decorating Open Floor Plans

Decorating Open Floor Plans

A concept of decorating open floor plan is usually a “great room” that combines the kitchen, dining room and living area in one shared space. As trends toward smaller apartments continue, the concept of open space can make space seems much bigger and brighter. The open flow from kitchen to residence becomes a social center for entertaining and socializing, enabling us to cook and communicate without a wall barrier. If properly designed and decorated with beautiful luxury home furniture packages, this space is not only multi-functional but also reflects the contemporary casual lifestyle.

However, the absence of a wall results in the needs to create a separate living room in one large space. The key is to introduce the subtle yet distinct differences between the kitchen, living room and dining room. Here are some tips that will help you to decorate an open floor plan that is right for you.

Keep the Space Open

Avoid blocking the path of movement and vision with furniture that is not appropriate to allow an open view from one family room to the next. If you have a large window in your room, take advantage of the views and natural light.

Area Rugs

Rugs may be one of the best ways to determine a particular living room in decorating an open floor plan. You can choose natural features, sleek solids, bold and colorful patterns that will bring a sense of warmth and elegance in the space.


You can make transitions between rooms without building a wall. Consider the following practical tricks to create a transition between each zone.


There is no most practical and subtle way of defining zoning and transition of any space other than carpet use. Moreover, the carpet can also be a focal point in the design of a room.

Modular Rack

The modular rack is quite important in a minimalist design. In addition to having the task as a storage space, the rack can also function as a space separator. Letting it open slightly can provide another advantage. The distance between the spaces is not limited and it is still possible to provide the maximum communication flow.

Hang the Perfect Chandelier and Lights

The unique light fixture will give your floor plan a designer look while highlighting the uniqueness of each area. Choose the most luxury and unique look chandelier and hang it in the middle of the ceiling of the room.

Creating Focal Points with Furniture

Creating a focal point helps to group space. You can put one stand-out material such as a dramatic piece of artwork and an oversized chandelier. even you can use stunning wallpaper wall accents to make each area feel like its own. Drag colors from artwork and fabrics and bring them to the room with accessories and accents to create a whole cohesive look.

It is time to turn your house into the house you have always wanted. It is not quite difficult to create your dream house. If you have a small house with only some rooms, you can design it so that it looks bigger. Let’s start today!


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