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DIY Refinish Hardwood Floors


DIY Refinish Hardwood Floors

When you choose hardwood floors as one of your home decors, you should always pay attention to its maintenance. This is done in order to have hard hardwood floors, shiny looks also without any stains and scratches. You should perform routine maintenance at least once a year by sanding and re-cleaning. It takes a bit of effort and extra time especially if you want to do diy refinish your own hardwood floors. But there is no need to worry because you will feel satisfaction after finding your wood floor looks dazzling based on the results of your own efforts. Here is your DIY guide to how to refinish hardwood floors. You will start from the prep, sand, stain and finish your hardwood floors.



The first thing to do is empty the room with removing all the removable furniture from the room. Sanding floors will produce an enormous amount of dust, so keep the doors closed to any rooms that you are not sanding. You may need some plastic tarps to cover all the furniture or carpets in areas that cannot be sealed off.


Start in the middle of the room. Keeps the sander moving slowly when it is on. Repeat the sanding process across to the entire floor.

Pay attention! Not all types of sander are equal! In fact, there’s a very big difference between two of the most common types of the sander, they are sander drum and sander random-orbital. Be careful when choosing to use sander drum. They are notorious for being heavy, difficult to control and impractical so it is difficult to ensure sanding. In fact, they often leave striking marks that become very noticeable when you apply your wood stain. Otherwise, orbital sanders are the most user-friendly.


Once you have found your floor smooth, you are now ready to apply the wood stain. We recommend that you do a patch test first If you want to have the stain you want. Then proceed by applying the stain thinly. You can use brushes or porous sponges to apply the stain. Then use a dry rag to wipe away any excess, do it immediately. Allow the stain completely dry by itself before moving on to the next stage.


After vacuuming, it is time to add topcoats. It is important to protect your hardwood floor from any damage and scratches by applying three layers of polyurethane sealant. Use high-density rollers with long grips to make it easier for you to apply them. You should wait at least an hour for the first coat to dry, then you must sand it back gently with a very fine sanding disc around 240-grit before applying the second coat. Repeat it once again.

Once you have completed all your coats, let the floor dry for 24 hours before walking on that gorgeous newly refinished floor. However, wait for a couple of days and be sure your floor completely dry before moving all your furniture back. You will surprise that you have done an incredible diy refinish hardwood floors.


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