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Deep Clean Hardwood Floors

deep clean hardwood floor

The use of wooden floors can give a unique impression in a dwelling. Wooden flooring is a great choice of material because it can bring a warm feel in the room. There are several advantages and disadvantages of this type of flooring. The advantages of hardwood flooring are durable, termite resistant and easy maintenance. But along with changes in temperature, expansion and shrinkage often change the distance between boards. Then you are strongly advised to do deep clean to your hardwood floors at least once for two or three years.

But to do deep clean to your hardwood floors, you should call for professionals help. I’m sure they know better what to do than we do the cleaning without knowing the necessary techniques. Deep clean is done when your wood floor really looks dull and dirty. However, to help prevent it, there are simple ways you can do twice a week. In addition to your floor always looks new, you can also save the cost of your floor treatment.

For weekly maintenance, you do not need to buy chemicals to clean the stains on the surface. The chemical will cause damage to the color and texture of wood. The impact of chemical is also dangerous for the health of your family members. Instead of you spend a lot of money to buy wood floor cleaners, there are some powerful natural ingredients to clean stains on the surface of the floor. We will share tips on cleaning your floor surface with natural materials that are very useful for lifting dust and dirt. Follow these tips to get clean hardwood floors.


  • 60ml – lemon juice
  • 90ml – olive oil
  • 2 liters – warm water
  • This amount may vary according to the floor area you own.
  • Microfiber mop (damp and dry)
  • Vacuum
  • Bucket


  1. Combine all ingredients. Note the amount of fluid used, it should be in the right measurement and not too much because it can leave stubborn stains that will be harder to clean on the wooden floor.
  2. We recommend using a vacuum rather than a broom to clean all dirt and dust. That way, you will be easier to mop the wooden floor.
  3. Choose and use the right cleaning rag. Squeeze the mop to prevent the floor from getting too wet.
  4. Do an initial experiment on one area first to make sure you are satisfied with the result of cleaning fluid. After that, clean the wooden floor as a whole.
  5. Mop your floor twice on the spot. But, that doesn’t mean you mop your floor twice a day. After the wooden floor is wiped with a damp mop, dry it immediately by mopping for the second time using a clean dry mop. It aims to speed up the drying process.
  6. When the treatment process by mopping the wooden floor is finished, avoid the wooden floor from the foot stamp.

After the floor is dry, you will feel the satisfaction and comfort from the results you have done. The smell of natural cleaning fluid on the floor will make you relax.


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