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Dust Mop for Wood Floors

Dust Mop for Wood Floors

Wood floors are easily absorbed water so that dust and dirt will be more difficult to clean. Many things can cause wood flooring to be quickly damaged, such as an improper cleaning method, incorrect care, weather, and activities that should not be done on the wooden floor.

It takes proper handling in cleaning wood floors to keep them clean and durable. A common cleansing is by using a dry dust mop which should be done regularly, but it would be better to clean it using warm water or a delicate cleaning cloth. Well, here are some of the best ways to clean wooden floors.

1. Wipe the Floor

In the use of broom on the floor, you should not be careless. You must choose or use a soft broom. If your broom material is rough, it will make a scratch on the surface of your floor. Wipe in the direction of the wooden floor. By sweeping in the direction of the wooden floor will allow you to lift any dirt that enters between the grooves of the wood flooring. If you have a vacuum cleaner or dry dust mop, you can also use them to clean dust and dirt.

2. Mop the Floor

Then continue by mopping the wooden floor. To clean the surface of the wood floor, you need to mix the wood floor cleaner with warm water. Choose wood floor cleaners that have good quality. Or if you want to use natural materials for your wood flooring, you can make your own cleaning solution. Put the mop and wring it out until the mop is only slightly damp. Mop the floor with a circular motion. Then wipe the floor using a dry clean cloth.

3. Choose the best mop

You cannot just pick any mop to clean the wooden floor. Choose the best quality mop made of cotton material.  At the time of mopping, the wet mop needs to squeeze strongly until the remaining water is not too much so that the water left on the wood floor is not damage the floor.

4. Wipe up to 2 times

After mopping with a rather wet or damp cloth, then we have to mop it back with a dry cloth. As already explained above that the wet floor surface can damage the wood because it is easy to absorb water and becomes porous. Immediately clean the food that fell to the floor. When there are pieces of food that fall, then immediately remove and wipe with a dry cloth. If less clean, then use warm water and special cleaning fluid wood floor to clean the stained floor area. If the food is chips, snacks, and other dried foods, then immediately remove with broom or vacuum.

5. Eliminate Stubborn Stains

Clean the blood stains by using window cleaning fluid. Spray a small amount of window cleaner on the stain and immediately clean using a cloth that has been soaked using warm water. Use a non-rough microfiber cloth. The faster you clean the stain, the easier to remove it.

Clean the gum with a plastic knife. Scrape the chewing gum stain with a plastic knife and rub it using a soft wet cloth. Wet the fabric with water to make it perfect. Do not use a metal knife, because it is too rough and will make the floor eroded.


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