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Fake Wood Flooring Types

Fake Wood Flooring Types

Many people use wood flooring as one of their home decors because this floor type gives a different feel in the room than the rug floor. Wood flooring can be used both indoors and outdoors. But of course, the type of wood used is different. You must be careful in choosing the type of wood that will be used according to your needs, tastes, and also your budget.

Once you have decided, it is time for you to decide what kind of wood flooring you want to put in your home. Are you more concerned to be able to have a top-quality woods grade with nice looks and expensive prices? Or do you want to get good quality woods with attractive looks but at a price friendly to your wallet?

All right, let’s review together. You should know if there are 2 categories of wood flooring that can be selected. The first is known as “Real Wood Flooring”, they are:

  1. Unfinished Solid hardwood
  2. Prefinished Solid Hardwood
  3. Unfinished Engineered Hardwood
  4. Prefinished Engineered Hardwood

The second is “Fake Wood Flooring”. This type of wood flooring has a similar appearance to “real woods”. They are:

Laminate Flooring Floors

The laminate floor is a picture of the original wood species. The floors are designed by creating a pattern that is placed on the computer to help the manufacturer make this floor and then print them. The substrate material is matched with the image under direct pressure and adhesive.

The advantage of the laminate floor is not easily scratched as the original wood. On the other hand, the laminate floor is easily damaged if exposed to lots of water. It is because laminates contain a lot of glue. When the seams or perimeter becomes wet, you must disassemble and replace the boards. Laminates cannot recover as early sightings as the original wood.

Ceramic or Porcelain

Ceramics are not made of wood, but its look like wood. You can go to the store and find the tile floor with a style like wood. Ceramic’s price is cheaper and its maintenance is also easier than hardwoods.

Porcelain or ceramic is ideal for wet areas. If you want to install this type of floor for basement area, bathroom or utility/laundry rooms, then this is highly recommended. If you also want a wooden look for your back porch, choose porcelain tiles for the outdoors because it does not absorb moisture and does not easily crash.

Vinyl Roll or Sheet Vinyl

Vinyl comes in rolls and sheets. Vinyl sheets can withstand water spills for a day, but certainly not in large quantities that look as flooded as your home. Vinyl appearance can give a closer impression to the original wooden board. If you plan on installing the vinyl sheets by yourself, make sure all the seams are fit together perfectly. Follow the manufacturer’s instructions on how to roll or apply on the floor of your home.

After you read the above information about fake wood flooring types, can you decide what type of floor will you use as your home decoration?


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