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Fix Scratched Wood Floor

Fix Scratched Wood Floor

If the floor of your house is hardwood, it will be very easy for the formation of scratches. Many factors that cause it happens, such as high foot traffic, moving furniture, pets, even small rocks that stick on the your footwear. It is relatively easy to fix scratched your wood floor surface. With some of the following tips, you will get back your beautiful wooden floor. There are four methods you can apply.

Concealing Shallow Scratches

  1. Wipe the shallow scratches gently. Use a dampened soft rag and wipe it onto the surface of the wooden floor. This is done to clear the scratch area of dirt and dust.
  2. Once your floor is clean, do a spot test using stain marker to see if it matches to the floor. Do it in the non-conspicuous wooden area. If the result is match, then it is available to use.
  3. Apply the stain marker. Do not worry to stain the scratch a few times. If the stain is excessive, you just need to wipe it.
  4. Rub the stain slowly. Use a dampened wet rag to rub the scratches. Following the grain of the wood, gently rub to remove any residual leftovers.

Fixing Superficial Scratches

  1. Clean the scratched area from any small dust particle. Use a soft microfiber rag and a bit amount of hardwood floor cleaner to remove any contaminant.
  2. Clean the cleaner on top of the scratches. Use another wet rag to clean the cleaner. Wait for the area to dry.
  3. When the floor is completely dry, apply the top coating on the surface. Use a brush to apply a protective layer to the scratch area. Cover them with a thin spread.

Sand the Shallow Scratches

  1. Clean the scratched area first by using a soft rag and a bit amount of hardwood floor cleaner. Ensure to remove any small dirt and dust.
  2. Free the scratched area from the cleaner. Wipe it with a clean damp rag. Leave it to dry area.
  3. Use wooden wax to fill the scratches. You can use a putty knife to scrape the wax.
  4. After the wax is completely settle, clear the area and allow it until the wax dries for a night.
  5. Use a clean, soft and dry rag to rub the scratched area. Excessive wax and spill out  of the surface will be removed. You will find that the wax keeps your floor smooth and restores its shine.

Fixing Deep Scratches

  1. Clean the scratched area using a soft, clean, and wet rag. Pour a bit of hardwood cleaner to clean the scratch area. Take a new wet rag. Use it to clean the cleaner. Wait the scratched area to dry before proceeding.
  2. If your wood floor has a polyurethane layer, then the coating should be removed before you fix the scratches. Then wet the rag and gently rub the scratch area.
  3. Apply a small amount of wood filler. Choose filler that has a similar color to the color of your floor. Use brush to fill the scratches with filler. Allow it until dry for about 24 hour. If you find excessive filler on it, just use a putty knife to push it. Create a flat filler with the floor surface around it.
  4. Sand the area. Use a small pad of fine grit sandpaper following the direction of the grain of the wood.
  5. Wipe away the excess filling using a damp rag. You can use dry rag to remove the remaining filler around the scratches.
  6. The final touch is patching the scratch area. Apply a thin layer of sealer to the patched area. For best results, apply two coats of finish. Allow the sealer dry out overnight.


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