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Floor and Decor Backsplash

floor and decor backsplash

There are several places in your home that can get a little touch to make it look more attractive and can bring a new atmosphere. Like when you come to the kitchen, living room or bathroom area, there will be plenty of options to decorate your flooring, the wall, appliances, and countertops. If you are interested, you can add a little backsplash. It is a perfect way to add a color pop to floor and decor backsplash. If you have pretty neutral colors in the entire room, the displayed color spark will add a striking feature.

Decorating the walls with tiles help the room looks more beautiful. However, you should know if it is not supposed to use floor tiles as a wall tile decoration. This is because the results look less attractive, even impressed ugly. There are tiles for walls with special designed. For your walls, use wall panel tiles that are now widely produced, including natural stone tiles, textured tiles, and stone mixed glass tile. Wall tiles in the house (except in the bathroom) this should not meet all the surfaces of the wall, but only as an accent in order to beautify the interior.

Natural Stone Tile

If you prefer to the classic or traditional look, then stone tiles might be wonderful for your home decor. This tile is made from natural stone tiles that are special for wall decor. Because these stones are very light, then the price provided is also cheap. Marble has a wide range of colors ranging from white to brown with plenty of veining on it.

Textured Tile

If you prefer a minimalist look in your kitchen, you can install textured tiles. Its motif is unique with wavy accents. Usually present in white, ivory and gray. This motif is also suitable if used for the back porch walls of your home. This will get rid of boredom in your room.

Stone Mixed Tile and Glass

Stone mix tile and glass show off different color elements. They can unite wall color and countertops perfectly. The look is very beautiful with a mixture of glossy modern glass mixed with detailed stone pieces.

Decorative Wall Tiles in the Living Room

For the living room area, choose one side of the wall to install the tiles. This wall tile will only as an accent, while the other side of the wall still uses the interior paint without motive. For the living room, do not use ordinary tiles. Currently, there are many 3D tile products with motifs and wavy surfaces that creating a unique texture.

Decorative Wall Tiles in the Kitchen

The kitchen wall that is often installed with tiles is the backsplash area, which is the wall between the kitchen counter (countertop) with the kitchen cabinet. Among the types of backsplash material available, ceramic or porcelain cubic is a material that is easy to obtain, install, and maintain.

Decorative Wall Tiles in the Bathroom

In contrast to the kitchen or living room area, you can coat all surfaces of bathroom walls with tiles. This is because the bathroom is an area that will definitely be exposed to water, so the surface of the wall needs to be protected, not just using paint. There are so many choices of tiles for the bathroom area, whether minimalist, classical, or natural. To add a natural impression, use natural stone tiles. As for the impression of minimalism, use ordinary ceramic tiles or porcelain without motive or with simple motifs.


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