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Floor to Ceiling Room Dividers

Floor to Ceiling Room Dividers

For some people, room divider is one of the important things as a part of home decoration. Wall serves to create a dividing boundary between one room with another room. However, what if you have a house that is not too big? Sometimes, the wall can give a narrow effect for the room. Do you know if you do not need to use the wall as a barrier? There is a solution that you can do. It is the floor to ceiling room dividers.

Room dividers are a high screen that serves to divide a room into separate areas. Choosing the right ceiling room dividers can be challenging.  Explore our gallery to see examples of the unique floor to ceiling room dividers that best suit your taste. They are available in various functions, shapes, and colors.

Bookshelf Dividers

This is the only divider that has another function at once. You can place your books, photo frames, artwork, and ceramics. This divider also has the ability to slightly block sound and visual (if filled with books or any object).

Curtains Hanging Dividers

Ceiling room dividers can be a great idea with friendly budgets. You can use thin curtains or pictorial fabrics and other lightweight materials. This alternative can generally be tailored to the style and privacy required. Hanging room dividers will give you an artistic look when you install a picture curtain with striking colors in your room. This style will still have a function as a room divider.

Solid Hanging Dividers

Hanging room dividers hang on the ceiling and adhere on the floor so it will not able to shift. They are made of acrylic, resin, light wood, or other solid materials. Solid hanging room dividers are very easy to install because only need two pairs of screws for ceiling and floor. This type of divider is perfect for renters or those who do not like closed areas. They come in various basic materials, forms and styles.

Moveable Folding Dividers

This folding screen divider began in the days of Chinese civilization, commonly used in the homes of the ancient royalty. They are not designed to be moved. But today, many buildings operate them to divide the large room as decorators. It also turns out to be more efficient. They are very flexible and available in straight models. You can fold and move them to expand the space or move them to another room. Mostly, it is available in white or gray color.

These moveable walls are an investment in your property. They will create a very flexible and multi-use space without destroying the room. Folding dividers have long and wide surfaces. When you decide to fold them, the thickness will be approximately 10.inches or more.

Unmovable Sliding Room Dividers

If you want to have a private area but without walls as your interior, we suggest applying floor to ceiling room dividers. The sliding room dividers can create a stunning display in your home. Generally, this option is more expensive because of the installation demands attached to the walls and ceiling.


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