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Floors that Look Like Water

Floors that Look Like Water

Have you seen floors that look like water somewhere? Well, that is not water covering the floor, but it is a stained concrete floor. How can concrete floors look like water? Are you curious? Are you interested in applying it to your floor home? We will tell you the trick.

Stained concrete has become something beautiful and most wanted nowadays. It is becoming popular all over the world and attracts people’s attention successfully. Some people actually make this type of flooring happens on their home floor. You can apply it not only to the bedroom area, but also busy areas like a living room or even the kitchen. In order to get this attractive flooring, your concrete must be clear from any paint and stains. If you get them there, you must clean and seal them first.

Choose acid-based chemical stains or water-based stains to create the look you want to get. The acid dye will react chemically and penetrate into the concrete. What happens next is the creation of natural color variations with unique mottling effects, similar to the appearance of marble.

Materials you need:

  • 1- 4″ paint brush
  • 1- 9″ tear resistant deck paint pad
  • 1- gallon concrete stain (water based)
  • 1- clean rag
  • 1- mop
  • 1- tarp
  • 1- broom and vacuum
  • 1- bucket of water
  • 1- telescoping rod
  • 1- handle for paint pad
  • 1- paint pan

STEP 1: Choose the Color

  1. Choose an opaque stain.  It gives best looks.
  2. Read the manufacturer’s instructions how to use this.
  3. Find the close area first and test it, so you can make sure that the color is what you want.

STEP 2: Prepare Your Concrete

  1. Remove all furniture and other objects from the room and also.
  2. Then, vacuum the floor to remove all dirt. Continue with mopping it.
  3. Empty the room and let the concrete floor dry for a full 24 hours from any activities.

STEP 3: Apply the stain

  1. Make sure the concrete is clean and ready.
  2. After you are sure that your concrete is dry, open the tarp and place your paint pan on then pour the stain into the pan.
  3. Apply to stain the floor start from the edges and seams using the brush.
  4. Once dry and stain seep, use the rest to soften the edges.
  5. Try using layering techniques to coat with different stain colors. This will create unique color variations.
  6. Apply water-based stains in bold colors.
  7. Create your own distinctive finishes by applying stain using a rag or brush.
  8. You can fill the crack areas of the concrete, but they might give darker color than the rest.

Keep in mind!

  • Use footwear that does not damage your work.
  • If you want some stain as the coloring, then you will need more budgets cost using one color only.
  • Avoid your stain concrete floor from objects that can make scratches.

Sometimes it is enough to use just one color stain to complement your decor. But if you are brave enough and want to be creative, you can create custom looks by mixing some stain colors. Shades of brown and gray are common, but you can try bold colors like blue, green, orange or black to create stunning and unique floors that look like water.


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