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Garage Floor Coating Reviews

Garage Floor Coating Reviews

One of the biggest advantages of using floor paint for the garage flooring is that the relatively inexpensive cost compared to other types of floor coating. If you do not know what type of coatings, then we suggest you take a moment read and learn the following garage floor coating reviews.

There are different types of coatings on the markets. They are epoxy paints, floor paint, sealers, and stains. The best solution to protect your garage floor from chemical, oil and moisture stains is to lay it on top of it. Before applying the coatings, you will need a lot of preparation. If you apply it to a moist concrete floor surface or an unready floor, then the result is a failure. The moisture will prevent the coating from seeping and sticking to the concrete floor. Make sure first whether your floor is in a state of completely dry and clean of dust or dirt.

  • Epoxies Paints

Epoxies can give a stunning glossy look. Once you prepare the floor, mix the two-ingredient epoxy formula then roll it on the floor. You should immediately apply the epoxy before the mixture hardens. Additionally, epoxy takes time to dry and harden by itself. This means you should let the floor be free of any touch for about a week. You can also turn on a fan as an aid. For extra protection on your garage floor, apply a urethane coat to the higher floor of the building. Recoating can be done every three years.

  • Floor Paint

One of garage floor coating types that you can use is concrete floor paints. This is a type of paint that is easy to apply and dry quickly. The price offered was very affordable. But this type of coating also has a weakness, that is not durable, easily damaged when exposed to chemicals and sunlight directly.

You can try using oil-based paints or latex paint. Oil-based paints require a primary coat. Its use is more durable than latex paint.

  • Concrete Sealer

Sealer is one type of coating that is easy to apply and less expensive after floor paints. Once sealers dry, they come up with a semi-glossy look. The acrylic sealers and the urethane sealers are the most popular among others kinds of sealers. Similar to the floor paint, acrylic sealers tend to be easily damaged when exposed to chemicals. It is not like a durable epoxy coating. However, it can stick to the concrete floor better than the urethane. While the urethane seal does not stick well to the concrete and resist chemicals.

  • Concrete Staining

Concrete stains do not work to protect your garage floor. To make it durable, apply two layers of stain by using a paint roller. You should apply a layer of coating to prevent stains, chemical droplets and moisture can not seep into the concrete floor. Normally you are required to wax the sealer once a year if your garage is having busy activities.


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