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Garage Floor Ideas Cheap

Garage Floor Ideas Cheap

There are several solutions to beautify your garage, one of which is to give a touch to the floor. There are two best ideas for this, replacing or repainting. However, to beautify your garage floor does not have to be expensive. You can get good qualities at a cost that does not drain your pocket. We have tips and information about garage floor ideas cheap as your reference. Take a look at some of the following options.

Floor Paints

If your floor is still in good shape, with no cracks, but having dingy looks, you may just need to redecorate by painting it. It is quite easy to do by giving some beautiful color splashes using concrete paint. Before you start applying it to your concrete floor, clean the floor thoroughly. When you find cracks on the surface, block the cracks with concrete filler. Then apply the paint with the color you have chosen.


Epoxy is one of flooring types that is more expensive and quite difficult to apply than others. You may need professional help to do it. Obviously, you will need an extra budget and buying the epoxy material also. But the results given will be worth it. Epoxy will give you an impressive, elegant, and lasting look. This type is designed for durable, easy to clean from stains and oils.

Interlocking Tiles Flooring

Interlocking tiles flooring are made of rubber or heavy-duty vinyl. If you like a custom and unusual look, then you can apply this type. They give the look of colorful squares of mutual harmony and professional. You do not need extra installation and maintenance. You just need to install it without adhesive because it has a roll-out type. When you install them, you will need a more powerful cutting tool because this type has more thickness than the mat. This is the right solution for those of you who do not want to bother but want to have a fantastic floor.

Roll-Out Flooring

This type is slightly more expensive than rubber but is easier to apply than the epoxy type. Similar to the type of interlocking tiles flooring, it is very easy to install, easy to clean and does not require any special care afterward. It can even close the cracks on the floor of your garage. It has a different design with the type of interlocking tiles flooring. It comes with patterned or ribbed looks that have its own charm. You just need to use a utility cutter to cut it. But be careful when you install. Use overlapping techniques when incorporating edges to avoid seams.


If you are looking for a very easy type to install by yourself even in just an hour or two, then the perfect choice will be on the mat. They have different sizes, designs, and textures. The price offered is also very affordable. You just need to roll them out over your concrete floor without applying adhesive before. They also have the ability to withstand stains, oils and water droplets.


Do you know if you can use the carpet on your garage floor? Maybe this is quite strange but the fact is, yes you can apply it. Carpet floor is specially designed to be able to withstand any heavy activity above. It is easy to maintain and clean. The carpet is fitted from small pieces of peel-and-stick square tiles that make them easy to fit into a pattern.


  • Make sure to always maintain the cleanliness of your floor after you redecorating.
  • Avoid objects that can damage the look of your new floor.


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