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Get Scratches Out of Wood Floor

Get Scratches Out of Wood Floor

When you decide to use hardwoods as flooring in your home, then you cannot avoid scratches from them. When you accidentally drop a sharp object or move furniture without lifting it, then your wood floor will definitely scratch. Surely this makes you pretty sorry, doesn’t it?

There are two ways to get scratches out of the wood floor by wooden casting and staining it. If the scratches are very horrible, then the best option is to stain the floor. But if the scratches are not too bad and you are sure to be able to do it by yourself, simply use sandpaper 2-3 times with different grit to the floor surface.

For the first method with filler wood. You only need sandpaper, filler, and patience when applying it. You should rub it gently and very carefully in order to not damaging the other side of the floor. Sanding works to clean and smooth wood surface from dirt and wood defects by rubbing on the wooden work piece. Sanding becomes very important because the sanding results will greatly affect the success of the finishing process that will be done later.

  1. Remove any object on the surface.
  2. Sand all crack areas with coarse sandpaper grit in one direction by rubbing. In most cases, this means using 80-100-grit grit sandpaper to cut large fibers. Then proceed with 120-grit, 220/240-grit. At this level, the rough lines are no longer visible. It does not matter if you need to proceed to grit 320-grit because some types of hardwood need this grit before proceeding to finish.
  3. When you have finished with your sand, the next step is to clean and lift up all dirt and dust on the surfaces. You can use a sweep or vacuum for maximum results.
  4. After drying, do the coating using filler wood. That is done to close the small holes that remain so that can be perfectly flat. This process needs precision and accuracy so that no small holes are missed.

The second method is to cover the scratches with the staining. This is a process of staining that works to close the pores of the wood and make the surface becomes very smooth. Staining is also capable of displaying wood fibers perfectly, so it can give beauty value, giving the impression of luxury and elegance.

  1. Sand the floor to remove all dust. Use the same type of sandpaper as the sanding technique.
  2. Dampen the floor to raise the grain.
  3. Wait until it dries then apply the stain to the floor.
  4. Remove excess stain using a microfiber rag.
  5. Allow the stain to fully dry approximately one-two days.
  6. Lastly, brush on a coat of polyurethane to get a durable finish.

If you change your mind and do not want to bother, calling professionals to do it is a very good idea. But you will need a special budget. You just have to wait while they finish the job. They will start by looking at how bad the scratches are and consider what to do. Then they will clean and coat the sealant to applying the wood stain to match your hardwood floor color.


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