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Hardwood Floors and Dogs

Hardwood Floors and Dogs

The application of hardwood floor can add to the beauty and elegance of a home’s value. But if you have a pet like a dog, then there is a thing you should be able to consider. Not all hardwood floor species can be friendly with dog’s nails. There is an opportunity of a scratch that can be done by your dogs. They use their sharp nails to tear the fabrics and hard floor surfaces, even they often throw urine on it. The acid in animal urine can greatly affect the finish and the wood floor boards. Do you want to have beautiful hardwood floors but you also want the dog to be able to roam on it without you being afraid that it might cause scratches on your floors? Ultimately, is there any way for you to do it?

The answer is yes. Of course, this is good news for homeowners who have pets. There is an easy solution to keep your hardwood floors looking good. Below are some solutions to help your floors with your furry friends.

Avoid these soft hardwoods

  • American Walnut pine, fir, and cedar
  • American cherry
  • American Walnut
  • Carbonized bamboo

They are highly not recommended to be used in areas with high foot traffic, including pets. They do have beautiful looks yet impractical. Even the price offered is more expensive because of the limited supply.

Solid or Engineered Woods

Choose Solid woods rather than engineered woods. Solid wood has better quality than engineered woods. You can refinish and re-sand the solid woods for many times if they get scratches or stains. While engineered woods only have one chance of sanding.

Oak for Flooring

Use oak as the hardwood floors. Red oaks are much better than white oaks because red oak has stronger graining. They work better to hold and hide scratches on the surface.

Coloring the Floor

You can also color the red oak floor to help disguise the scratches. Using the lighter colors are better. If you use darker colors to your wooden floor’s color, the resulting color will clearly show the scratch.

Less Glossy Finishes

If you make a glossier look for the finish, it will show the scratch more clearly. The light will reflect it well.

Use Polyurethane

Use oil based polyurethane and add an extra coat on your floor surface. Oil-based polyurethane has a longer-lasting resistance than water-based polyurethane. Adding an extra coat will help to protect and extend the life of your floor before you refinish it.

Trim Your Dog’s Nails

As a dog owner, you should always pay attention and take care of your dog’s nails. Trim your dog’s nails equally, means you have prevented the dog from scratching the floor.

Take Your Shoes Off

Many of costumers blame their dogs for scratches. Unwittingly, the scratches could be from your shoes. They come from gravel or dirt trapped in shoes. Sometimes our heavy traffic on the floor surface causes more damage. Before you blame your dog, look at your habits when wearing shoes inside the house. It would be better to use sandals or soft footwear for woods rather than using high heels or shoes.


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