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Installing Laminate Flooring over Concrete

Installing Laminate Flooring over Concrete

Installing laminate flooring for your home interior is an interesting option. Its style can make the appearance of the room looks luxurious and elegant. Its soft colors give a dynamic impression.

If you have installed the concrete as the floor of your home and you are also tempted to have a laminate type wood floor, then you can install both. In other words, installing laminate flooring over concrete is a very likely thing to get. You do not need to dismantle the concrete floor to replace it with laminate. If you combine the two, your floors will have a strong structure. Both will be able to withstand the noise. The concrete has high sound blocking properties, while the laminate is well sound-absorbing. It is a good blend between the hard and soft materials as noise absorbers. To produce the right structure, you must install the laminate floors properly on the concrete floors. Keep reading to find out more.

Step 1: Check the Circumstance of the Concrete Surfaces

Make sure the concrete has flat surfaces. If you find cracks in your floor, then do the repair first. Sweep the floor to make it clean and ready.

Step 2: Remove the Baseboards

You will need a metal putty knife and hammer. Use both to remove the baseboards by pulling them away from the walls. The tools help you to remove the baseboards without damaging the surface of your walls or wallpaper.

Step 3: Checking the Levelness

Place a long level on the floor. Use it to see the level of the concrete slab. Use variance that is not more than 3/16” of an inch every 10 feet. Mark the floor that requires additional work.

Step 4: Determine the Layout

Check the width of the room.

Step 5: Install the Underlayment

Cover your concrete floor before installing the laminate flooring plank with an underlayment layer. This layer serves to seal the evaporation to not expose directly to the laminate wood. Perform the installation according to the manufacturer’s instructions.

“Installing the Laminate Floors”

Step 6: The First Piece Installation

Place the first piece of laminate flooring board parallel to the longest wall. If there is a gap, you can attach the remaining pieces of wood and lay it vertically to the wall to close the gap. Cut the tongue off from the first row of laminate flooring using a table saw. Keep the piece of the tongue as an expansion slot.

Step 7: Next Piece Installation

Make sure the floor tongue is connected to the next section. This will create a strong lock and not easily shift between the cut bundles. Another goal to make a tongue connection is to provide a non-monotonous look.

Step 8: The Last Piece Installation

Use a table saw to make any cuts needed. The installation of the last piece is severely affected by the connection of the previous pieces tongue. Make the right size to avoid making another gap.

Step 9: Install the Baseboards

Step 10: Install the Shoe Molding

The shoe molding works to cover the small gap between the flooring and the baseboards.


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