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Installing Laminate Wood Floor

Installing Laminate Wood Floor

There are various choices of the best floor for your home. They have different types of advantages and disadvantages of each. One of them is a type of laminated wood flooring. Laminated wood has a similar appearance to the hardwood. But the difference is the laminate is not 100% made of hardwood. It is made from small wood pieces that are converted into new products and can be made to be wider or taller. The advantages of this wood type are more stable, durable, scratch resistant, and cheaper than hardwoods. Therefore, many people love laminate flooring to be installed as their home floor.

In addition, installing laminate wood floor does not need to disassemble or damage your concrete floor. You can place it as a coating on your floor. You do not need any special treatment to clean it up. You can use a vacuum or a broom. If you find drop water or stains, you just need to dry it off immediately by wiping using a soft microfiber rag. Once you know the advantages of laminated wood flooring, are you interested in using it as your home design? Read on to learn about easy steps in installing laminate wood flooring.

Prepare the Laminate Floors

  • Remove all laminate woods from the packages and place them in the room.
  • Let stand for approximately 48 hours so that they can adjust to the room temperature.
  • You can take advantage of this process by checking the state of the laminate board before you install them.

Prepare the Floor

  • Clean the floor from any particle of dust and dirt.
  • Remove the base shoe and baseboards.

Measure the Room

  • In order to know the number of wood flooring needs optimally, measure the wide of the room that will be laminated by determining the total square.

Lay the Underlayment

  • An underlayment is made of special foam that works to withstand the steam from the floor below so it will not make the laminate floor to get damp easily.

Install the Laminate Wood Flooring

  • The installation process usually starts from the corner of the room.
  • Place piece by piece of the laminate floors from one corner of the room toward the other angle gradually.
  • Use recommended floor adhesive for a perfect finish.
  • Make sure the flatness of each set of wooden floors each time the installation is done.
  • Clean the floor surfaces for the finishing installation by using a soft clean rag.

Additional Information

It will be much easier for you to have the wooden floor has been equipped with a click system. This system has a tongue side that helps you in installing laminated wood flooring. You do not have to bother because this will save more of your time.

If you have basic knowledge and techniques in installing laminated wood flooring, then this work can be easily done by yourself. But if you lack the skills and limitations of facilities, it might be better if you make a call to a professional or experienced wood flooring contractor.


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