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Laminate Flooring that Looks Like Wood

Laminate Flooring that Looks Like Wood

The floor is one of the most important parts of a home. To replace the floor, the cost needed is quite expensive so you must be careful to choose what type of hardwood appropriate to your needs, budget and your taste.

If you intend to install hardwood floors in your home but you do not want to spend a lot of money, then the best option for you is choosing the laminate wood. Laminate flooring that looks like wood is not a real hardwood. They are actually not the same. The material used to make laminate wood is some processed woods which is laminated and consists of four layers. They are stacked and pressed together using a high pressure and temperature.

  1. The first layer or top layer is called wear layer. It has anti-scratch properties and special protector. To maintain the good quality, in this section is given another layer that is embedded by using the embossing system which will become the second layer.
  2. The third layer is called the core layer. This layer has a purpose of creating a better system stability. The preparation material is compacted fibers with high pressure and bonded with other materials to bind the resin. This resin material will make the floor has waterproof properties while improving the quality of wood.
  3. The fourth layer or the bottom layer is called the backing layer. This layer will support the strength of the third layer. In addition, it will make the floor not to easily moist and block the shape changes into curved.

So, what are the advantages and disadvantages of laminate flooring rather than solid hardwood?


The Cost

  • The cost of producing laminate flooring is cheaper.
  • The retail price is often much cheaper than solid hardwoods.

Easy Installation and Removal

  • Laminate flooring does not need special adhesives for the installation process.
  • Many manufacturers create laminate floors with a “click-lock” design system. 
  • The system provides an easy installation to the consumer without worry about making procedural errors.
  • This system has a groove that comes with a tongue locked in place.
  • This system also helps you to unpack laminate floors easily when you want to change your flooring.

Easy Maintenance

  • No need any special treatment. In fact, you can do the treatment at least twice a week.
  • You just need to clean it up by removing the accumulated dust and dirt using a vacuum or sweep.
  • Next, use a floor cleaner liquid and a damp cloth to mop it up.
  • You can even make a floor cleaner with ingredients that you can get from your kitchen supplies. Make a cleaning mixture of lemon or orange juice, warm water, and olive oil. The doses of each liquid are adjusted to the floor size of the room.


  • It is not Real Hardwoods. The basic ingredients of the manufacture are some processed wood that is glued from four layers.
  • Lower perceived value. Laminate flooring is seen as a product with a lower value that makes some people do not like it.
  • It cannot be refinished. If your laminate floor is suffering severe damage, you cannot fix it by patching it. All you have to do is replace it.


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