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Mattress on the Floor Ideas

Mattress on the Floor Ideas

Comfort is an important role in helping us sleep soundly in our bedroom. With a spacious bedroom, you do not have to bother to put your large mattress and bed frames. But what if your room is quite narrow? Placing your mattress on the floor without bed frames can be a good idea. Your room will look chic, minimalist and more spacious than before.

Then, how to make the best design to place the storage of your goods and mattress? We will help you by sharing a mattress on the floor ideas to design your small bedroom. These will help to make your small bedroom more attractive and certainly make you feel comfortable. Here are mattress on the floor ideas as your reference.

Special Mattress Materials

There are many kinds of mattress materials at this time, ranging from mattress from cotton heavy to the mattress with a lightweight foam material. There is also a mattress that is designed only to be placed on the bed frame. This type of mattress is usually easy to get dirty and need more care. Foam mattresses are much-loved now because they are easier to move. In addition to lightweight, foam mattress is also easy to clean. If exposed to water, foam mattress will be quickly dried.


Some people who are uncomfortable with bed frame. They will choose the solution by throwing out their bed frame and putting the mattress right on the floor. Well, you should not immediately put the mattress on the floor because it will moisten the surface of both. Put a carpet or mat as a base before you place the mattress. Besides aiming to keep the mattress clean, this adds to increase the beauty your bed area.

Create a Headboard

Without a frame, a bed usually gives the impression of an unfinished look. To deal with it, you can try to paint a mural right behind your mattress. If you do not like it or cannot paint it, you can be creative by framing photographs of your precious moments or installing an artistic artwork. Even you can arrange some small pillows to help protect your head from impact to the wall.

Space for Your Room

Your mattress will look out of place if you put large and tall furniture around it. You should place the furniture that fits your mattress size. Choose a low profile dresser and a wardrobe that is not big so it will provide space in your room. Place and stick your mattress on the wall. This will help make a room for movement.

Elegant Touch

Use a thin curtain on your window with soft neutral colors like ivory, white, gray and tan. It is not necessary to hang a dramatic chandelier in the middle of the room. It is a good option for a basic cotton bedspread with striking color.

Tidy Up Your Stuff

Keep your room tidy and clean. Provide boxes as a place to store your jewelry, watches, and glasses. You can use a lidded wicker basket as to store your dirty clothes or your favorite books. Take advantage of the corner of the room by placing the side table and chair as your place of work. Utilizing one part of the wall as a storage place. You can buy or make your own pinned shelves stick on the wall.


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