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Paint Colors for Light Wood Floors

Paint Colors for Light Wood Floors

Choosing paint colors as the appearance of the wood floors can be a challenge. Generally, wood floors only have a neutral color in order to display its wood fibers. This can create an impression of simplicity and naturalness. But sometimes, for some people and maybe include you, the exposed wood fibers may look unattractive. Therefore, you can do coloring on your floor. Then, what paint colors for light wood floors do you need? Let’s find out!

The hardwood floor is not only available in brown color (natural color of walnut wood and teak), but there are other color categories:

  • Yellow: bamboo and pine
  • Orange: oak and fir
  • Red: mahogany and cedar

The colors you apply to these types of wood can increase or decrease the undertones. However, there are some colors that are suitable to be applied to those types of wood.


We know that white is a favorite color of most of the people for their floors color. You can apply white color on your wood floors. White can give a brighter lighting effect indoors. A white floor will produce a contemporary style if apply to wooden floors that are well worn but not fragile or still in a good condition. White floor is also very suitable for those of you who want to have a minimalist home style.


Gray creates an elegant look for your floor. If you do not like the light color produced from white color but you also do not like the dark look, then the gray is the right choice. The gray floor can be paired with pastel or soft peach colors on your wall. The combination of both will produce a warm feel.


If you want to add a dark color to your home or you want to make a very different look from the previous look, maybe black paint is the solution. Having black on the floor or wall is not horrible. On the contrary, black can give a dramatic impression. You can pair matching colored furniture. But be careful, if you have a pet, the black floor will make your pet feathers look visible when falling on the floor surface.

Multi Colors

The use of a variety of colors for wood floor can create an attractive appearance and provide a cheerful atmosphere for the room. You can mix it with natural or bold colored furniture.

Contrast Colors

If you like the look of bold color, you can try painting your floor with a pale orange color. This will work well when combined with your pale blue wall. The combination of cool color on the wall with warm color from the floor will provide a pop atmosphere.

Wax Finish

If you are a big fan of hardwood floors or you do not want to paint your wood floors, maybe you can try another method. It is finishing wax. It will change the color of your wood becomes one or two level above the original color. But if you want a younger color, add bleach to the wax product. The results to be shown are satin or glossy.


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