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Paint Tile Floor Before and After

Paint Tile Floor Before and After

After a few years, sometimes your tile floors look dull and unattractive. Although you have been taking care of it and doing regular cleaning, still the dirt or mold can appear on the surface. This can be caused by many factors, such as improper cleaning, piling stains and the atmosphere of the room. Doing the replacement of your tiles would be very inconvenient and the process is relatively long. Plus, you have to spend a lot of money.

However, you do not need to replace your tiles to have a new look. You can paint them. You just need to buy special paint tile and you will get new tiles with low cost. Follow these tips to add a touch of color on the floor of your home.

Paint Tile Floor – Before

Prepare the Tile Floor

  1. Rub the surface of your tile floors with a soft cloth and soapy water to clean them from dirt and dust. Vinegar works well to remove oil and stains.
  2. To remove the mold from the tile surfaces, use bleach or hydrogen peroxide.
  3. Also, clean the edges of each tile by brushing it.
  4. If necessary, use an orbital sander (sandpaper 1800 grit) to smooth the tile surfaces.

Apply High Adhesion Primer

  1. Select a high oil-based adhesion primer.
  2. Primary adhesion is very useful to prevent stains attached to the surface of the tile.
  3. Apply with brush or roll.
  4. Wait and let the surface dry before you start the painting process.

Paint Tile Floor – After

Define the Color or Design

  1. Consider first, do you want to make the whole look of the tiles by painting them? Or are you interested to put the design as an accent on the sidelines of the painted surface?
  2. After you decide, make sure that the color and/or design that will be chosen match to the theme of the room and the color of your wall.
  3. Choose a special paint for floor tiles.

Create the Design

  1. Make the design on the surface of the tile using a pencil.
  2. Make sure you press the pencil carefully so that it is easy to remove if necessary.

Coloring Process

  1. Use the appropriate brush size.
  2. Paint the tile surfaces following the template design or pattern you have created.
  3. Paint also other floor surfaces that are not given design patterns.
  4. Apply without you need to feel unsure in order to avoid mistakes during the process.
  5. Wait for 48 to 72 hours for the paint to dry completely.

Coating the Paint

Coat the dry floor with transparent urethane to cover the paint.

Things You Need

  1. Ceramic tiles
  2. Cleaning products to prepare the surface: a clean cloth, bleach or hydrogen peroxide, vinegar, and brush
  3. An orbital sander with 1800 grit (if required)
  4. Paintbrush (according to the size of the tile)
  5. Clean water to clean the brush
  6. High adhesion primer based on oil
  7. Special paint for tiles
  8. Urethane transparent
  9. A pencil to draw the design


Paint patiently. The more you pay attention to paint the detail, the better result you will get. Place your furniture carefully. Use a friendly footwear for your floor.


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