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Painting a Wood Floor

Painting a Wood Floor

Wood is the most popular type to be used as a home floor. Wood can give a warm atmosphere in the room. But for some people who have been bored with the natural color of the wood itself then there is no harm if the wooden floor is painted. Not too much energy needed. You just need to be patient because the process takes days. If you feel you do not have free time, you can ask for professional help to do it. Read more to know what steps you need in painting a wood floor.

Prepare the Surfaces

  1. Before we go to paint the wood floor, this begins by smoothing the floor surface using 150-grit sandpaper.
  2. It is best to use only by hand power. It aims to smooth the wood so that the result is not too slippery and the layers to be used can stick well on the surface.
  3. Vacuum the floor then use a damp cloth to wipe dust and dirt floor from the sanding result.
  4. It takes about two days until the surface is surely dry. If the wood is still wet and moist, the painting will not be good and bubbly.

“Painting Process”

Apply the First Coat

  1. For the basic coat, you can use a type of oil-based paint. Oil-based paint can close pores and fibers on a wood surface. If you already use oil-based paint, then the color paint must also use the same type.
  2. Apply a thin coat of paint using a brush or roller. For faster work, use a roller. Use a brush for soft results but takes longer.
  3. Starts from the farthest corner of the door and cut the edges of the floor.

Second Sanding

  1. If your base coat is dry, do the sanding once again using 220-grit sandpaper.
  2. Use a vacuum to clean dust and dirt.
  3. If you do not find a vacuum, use a soft cloth. Do not use cotton fabrics because this can cause new fibers on the floor and consequently the paintings are not good.
  4. You do not need a damp cloth for this cleaning process.

Apply the Second Coat

  1. Apply the coat in the same manner. Paint your way towards the door.
  2. Use a brush for the painting process. It is advisable to wear only a brush because the brush will not bring up air bubbles.
  3. Perform this coating for several times to make it evenly distributed.
  4. Wait until the floor dries before we continue to the last step. It takes about 24 hours to dry perfectly.

Apply the Top Coating

  1. The final step is a top coating process or a protective coating on the surface of a painted wooden floor.
  2. Giving this layer can also be done for several times even two to three times.
  3. Again, use a brush only.
  4. Adding more coating will be better because it can protect the wood floor surface to be durable.
  5. It is extremely recommended that the floor in this space is not directly used. Wait for 24 to 48 hours for all coats of paint to coalesce and dry altogether.


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