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Pine Sol on Wood Floors

Pine Sol on Wood Floors

Pine oil is a distillation of certain parts of Pine trees, such as twigs and needle-shaped leaves. This oil can be processed from a variety of Pine species but is generally derived from the species of Pine Sylvestris which is a native Austrian plant before it eventually spread to various countries. The content of pine oil in the form of terpenoid alcohol makes this oil very useful for use as an antiseptic on wood polishing materials. Polishing material or wood paint that uses or contains pine oil will produce safe wood products so as to avoid the disruption of various types of bacteria.

To have wood floors with a shining look surely is a desire for all homeowners. Always keeping the floor surface clean of dust and dirt is important. Sometimes we just do a daily routine cleaning by sweeping, mopping or using a vacuum. But do you know if that is not enough? If you want to have a shiny and clean wood floor, then you need a special cleaning product. Pine-sol is a highly effective and versatile natural cleaner for sealed wood floors.

In addition, this oil is also suitable for furniture and even a kitchen sink without leaving stains. Another advantage of pine-sol is its very nice fragrance. This formula is available in a variety of natural scents, such as Lemon Fresh, Orange Energy, Lavender Clean, Flower Blast, Sparkling Wave, and Mountain Energy. Pine-sol will work very well if you can properly apply it as well. We will help you by sharing some tips on how to use pine sol on wood floors.


  • If you are not sure the pine-sol works well, you can do a test first. Apply a drop of pine-oil in a small spot of the floor using a rag. Notice how your floor is. If you are sure of the results, then you can proceed to the cleaning process.
  • Pine-Sol is not recommended for use on floors that are not sealed, worn or waxed.
  • Watch the amount of water you will use as a mixed cleaner. Adding too much or too little water will be bad for wooden floors.


  1. Sweep or vacuum the surface of your wood floor to clean all dust and dirt particles.
  2. Mix 1/4 cup of the Pine-Sol and a gallon of water in a bucket. You should not directly pour the pine-sol liquid on the surface of the wood floor because the ingredients are very strong.
  3. Mop your floor surfaces. Squeeze your mop to keep the floor from getting too wet. It will shorten the drying process and prevent the formation of crack and warp wood flooring.
  4. Use enough pine-sol to clean stains, shoe marks or any stubborn stain. Put pine-sol on a brush, sponge or rag to gently rub the floor. Avoid using steel wool or scouring pads to scrub.
  5. Rinse your floor with a damp rag or sponge to get a natural glistening finish.

Do you know that Pine Oil can clean the carpet?

As one of the natural home fragrances, use pine essential oil to remove odor from the carpet. Combine 15-20 drops of pine essential oil with a bucket of water then use to rub stains on the carpet. You do not need to remove the rest of the pine oil from the carpet because it is not poisonous and will continue to kill the bacteria that causes odor while adding a fresh scent.


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