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Pros and Cons of Concrete Floors

Pros and Cons of Concrete Floors

Actually, the concrete floor appears earlier than the tile floor. This type of floor is made of mixing cement and sand material, which is then coated with a thin, wet cement on top. Now the concrete floor is in demand by some people. It’s rigid and hard look becomes a magnet of its own because it gives the feel of-earth. However, there are some things you need to know about strengths and weakness of concrete flooring.

Using concrete floors at home actually provides many advantages, such as easy maintenance, durable, and inexpensive cost. However, you should also know that the concrete floor also has some drawbacks. Below are some pros and cons of concrete floors:


High Resilience Level

For those of you who like to use high heels and hard footwear or have a pet that likes to scratch the floor, then this is the right choice. The concrete floor is slightly resistant to friction because this type is a hard floor. In addition, this type of floor is very durable and resistant to the usual expansion process on the floor.


Taking care of it is very easy. You will need to sweep and mop the concrete surfaces periodically. If you want to have a clean and mold-free concrete floor, you have to do the sanding and final coating.


For those of you who like minimalist, industrial, rustic, modern or unique style, this exposed concrete floor can be your expression medium. If you want a rustic impression, you can apply a matte finish. The modern impression can be made by providing a more glossy finish with an acrylic sealer. Finishing with acrylic sealer will give wet look effect. For a unique impression, you can color the concrete floor with color stains. In addition, its neutral color is perfect for any wall color.

Environmentally Friendly

This floor is odorless and contains no harmful chemicals so it is safe for your family especially children.

Heated Floors

For those of you who do not have a place to make a fireplace but want to enjoy the warm air inside the house, the solution is you can install heated on your concrete floor surfaces. No need to dismantle your concrete, you will be able to feel comfort when stepping on the floor.



The crack line on the concrete floor is quite disturbing because it causes discomfort when viewed. But by performing proper care regularly, using a sealer or wax for every 6-9 months, you can disguise the crack.

Hard and Uncomfortable

Having a hard floor is actually dangerous for elderly people and children when they fall. This situation also causes discomfort to your underfoot. Area rugs are indispensable to help provide comfort.

Hard to Fix

When the concrete floor is damaged or even broken, the only way to fix it is by patching it. Of course, the result will not be as smooth and as beautiful as the previous look.


Concrete is very easy to be moist because the concrete easily absorbs water. When you find a trickle of water, you must clean it immediately. Because otherwise, moist air and water will make the floor become mossy.


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