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Remove Scratches from Laminate Floor

Remove Scratches from Laminate Floor

One of the most popular floor types and used in either private homes or public spaces are laminate wood flooring. Laminate flooring is not made of real wood but multiple-layer woods compacted. This makes it easier for us to clean it up. However, dust and dirt will always be formed every day and will accumulate if not cleaned. Although the laminate floor is similar to hardwood, the treatment of both when having a scratch is not the same. You cannot sand on the scratched floor because sanding can add damage to the surface of the laminate floor.

Many laminate manufacturers provide warranty up to ten years on their products. Laminate floor is created as a product that provides many advantages with little care. However, if you do not take proper care on your wooden floor, then scratches cannot be avoided. There are easy and practical ways you can do to remove scratches from the laminate floor. With a little effort and free time, you will get your beautiful laminate floor back.

Filling Minor Scratches

This is the easiest way to remove the scratches that arise on your laminate floor. You can use a wax to fill or close small scratches on the floor. Rub the wax on the floor gently in one direction, don’t push too hard. Make sure the wax has filled the entire surface of the floor. Then use a soft cloth and emphasize on a pile of waxes. Tidy up until the entire surface of the floor looks flat and smooth.

Fixing Minor Scrapes

If your floor has deeper and wider scratches, fixing it with waxing will not work. You will need another material that is a small knife and putty wood. Fill the scratches with putty with the help of a knife. Make sure the putty fills up on both edges of the scratch. Then smooth out the putty. Wait until the putty has hardened in about a day.

Repairing Major Scrapes

If your laminate floor has very severe scratches until penetrating the inside of wooden layers, a wax and putty cannot even help. The only safe way is to replace the board or the floor with a new floor board. Before replacing it, you have to remove the baseboard that is in line with the floor board to be replaced. Remember to always give a gap at the wall for expansion and make necessary improvements.

Preventing Scratches

  • Dust and dirt that accumulate to stick on the surface of the laminated wood floor will cause scratches. Arrange routine cleaning by sweeping, mopping with a damp cloth or vacuum. Use a safe and natural cleaner to get the best results.
  • Use floor protector for chair and table legs to avoid the formation of scratches.
  • Use a doormat on every entrance of the house so that dust and dirt do not stick under your footwear.
  • Avoid moving heavy and light furniture by sliding it.


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