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Scratch Resistant Hardwood Flooring

Scratch Resistant Hardwood Flooring

There is actually no hardwood that is resistant to scratches. Although there are various types of wood, ranging from hard to soft, both still have the possibility to get scratches on the surface. Of course, the potential of softwoods will be easier to get scratches than hardwoods. If this happens to your hardwood, then the wood will require special care to fill the scratches and holes. In fact, you can use alternative options other than hardwood floorings such as laminate wood, vinyl, tile, concrete, and natural stone. But if you want hardwood as flooring in your home, look for the hardest wood species.  You must specify the wood species and finish to minimize the potential for scratches.


Brazilian Walnut

Brazilian Walnut or known as Ipe is often used for outdoor furniture and constructions. You can find it on the deck. Walnut wood is well-known for its hardness quality. This makes it resistant to damage, cracks, scratches, and mold. Janka’s hardness scale-Brazilian Walnut measures almost at the top of the list – 3680. This indicates if the Brazilian Walnut has high resistance. In fact, it is estimated that this wood will last up to 50 years and 100 years with proper care.

Hard Maple

Hard maple is used as a basketball floor. You can imagine how powerful this type of wood is because it is often trampled hard. Janka’s hardness scale, hard maple hits 1,450 rates.


Bamboo is a type of grass, not wood. The reason that the grass (bamboo) can be used as a durable home floor is that bamboo has been given a lot of hard resin during the wood-making process.


Prefinished floors are installed by the manufacturer in a controlled setting and usually receive seven to eight layers of sealant. I definitely recommend a prefinished floor, as this ensures a superior and consistent finish, and comes with a warranty. All prefinished floors come with a 50-100 year warranty. Even this can be an investment when you want to sell your home to a new owner without replacing your wood floor. But, if you are going to install a finish yourself, choose an acid product containing nanoparticles of aluminum oxide for maximum durability.


If buying exotic flooring requires more budgets, you can use the following tips that can help to reduce the potential for scratches.

  1. Choose light wood. Hickory could be the right choice. However, among the choices of maple, bamboo, walnut or hickory, the pre-finished floor is the best to withstand scratches. 
  2. Then, apply layers of coats on the surface of your floor when you are finishing your floors.
  3. If you are faced with a choice of solid or engineered woods, then choose solid woods. This is because solid hardwoods can be refinished many times. However, compared to solid, engineered wood is more resistant to expansion or shrinkage. Engineered wood can only be sanded once or twice. If you force to polish it repeatedly, it will cause permanent damage to the structural wood beneath. Then you must replace it.


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