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Steam Mop for Wood Floors

Steam Mop for Wood Floors

There is a very practical floor cleaning tool for tiles and wood floors in our home. It is a steam mop. The interesting thing is this product is guaranteed to kill the source of disease on the surface of the floor. But, the fact is this steam mop is highly discouraged for your wooden flooring. A steam mop for wood floors is actually not recommended to use. It would be safer if the wood floor is cleaned with a special natural cleaning fluid using a wet mop.

The main enemy of wooden floors is water. If there is a small or large amount of water on the surface or even seeps into the wood fiber, then the water destroys it. Just like water, a steam mop works by removing moisture into the wood fiber. The result is the moisture will damage your wood flooring.

However, the positive thing about this steam mop is if using it with the proper technique, you will not make any damage. Adjust your mop settings so as not to put out a lot of steam. Buy a steam mop that can release the steam into the air instead of the floor.

Pros of Steam Mop for Wood Floors

The excess of steam mop for your wood floor is the floor will dry out quickly without you having to wipe it again with a dry cloth. Plus, it leaves no residue from the detergent. The residue from floor cleaning fluid will make the floor look dull at a later date, but steam cleaning can overcome this problem. You can seek advice from a steam mop technician to find out the correct technique when using this steam.

Cons of Steam Mop for Wood Floors

If not used with proper techniques, a steam mop can cause buckling to the floor seam and remove the finish. Steam is also not recommended for waxed flooring. High humidity released by steam mop will also greatly affect the top to the deepest layer of your floor. If steam directly hits the floor, then in a short time you will make repairs on your wooden floor.

But if you already buy a steam mop and feel curious to try it, consider the following tips:

Set the Temp

High-temperature steam cleaners can kill mites, viruses, bacteria, even fungi. However, it must be ensured the heat reaches 60 degrees Celsius to clean the mites and at least 71 degrees Celsius to kill bacteria and viruses.

Test the Sensitive Surface

  1. Because the temperature is very high, some surfaces are not strong enough to withstand steam cleaners. For that reason, before cleaning the entire room, make sure the floor is strong enough to be cleaned.
  2. For the sake of getting the most out, clean the floor using a carpet vacuum before you clean it using steam. The steam cleaner will bring up the dirt inside the carpet, but not completely eliminate it.
  3. Use only distilled water or filter water to fill the steam cleaner. Tap water contains hard minerals that can leave scratches.
  4. Lastly, be careful in cleaning with steam cleaners because the hot steam can be harmful to you. In addition, make sure you just hold the handle that is definitely safe.


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