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Water Coming Up Through Basement Floor

Water Coming Up Through Basement Floor

Many homes usually have a basement as a vehicle parking or storage of old items. The building basement can be maximized if there are no leaks or other problems. Because of this part of the building is lower than the ground, there is often a leaking problem. The leaking basement can cause the structural strength of the building to be reduced and can even cause damage. Due to the many leakages that occur in the basement area, I will try to share information about “water coming up through basement floor and how to deal with the leaks”.

Before finding a way to overcome the leaking basement, you should first analyze the causes and conditions in the area. There are several things that are often become the main cause of leaking basement problems, for example:

  1. The concrete is cracked due to structural shifts or other things.
  2. Leaks occur in the concrete connection area.
  3. The concrete is porous because of imperfect casting.
  4. Leaks occur in the pipe area due to less grouting maximum.
  5. The existence of former drilling.
  6. Leaks on the tie rod hole.

Then, what should we do to solve the leaking basement problem?

  • Installing a Waterproofing Layer

If in the process of building the basement area does not apply the waterproofing, then you should immediately install waterproofing coating to protect the basement area. But if the building is finished, then this will certainly be inconvenient. We must do the excavation on the outside of basement area to do the installation of waterproofing coating. For proper waterproofing for this area are integral waterproofing and waterstop. This work can be done while casting the area. Mixing on integral waterproofing is done when the concrete is still wet and poured into the concrete mixer car. If the building is finished, it is recommended to install a burning membrane for this area.

  • Injection or Injectable Concrete

The most appropriate method of leak repair in the basement area is by injection or injecting concrete. You can use cement, polyurethane, or epoxy. We recommend calling a handyman or professional in this field to handle leaks in the basement area in order to achieve maximum results.

  • Make a Gutter to the Pump

If you do not want to make improvements in the above two ways, you can choose this one. In a building that has a basement must be made a small box lower than the basement floor. The box as a place to store the pump used to drain water in case of flooding. If the basement is leaking and cannot be completed by an injection method, water can be drained into the box, then pumped out of the building area or to the dump. The drainage of water from the leaking area can use either a gutter or a pipe.

  • Overcoming Leakage with Water Plug

If the leaking basement problem is considered to be small or does not require an injection method, you can use the waterplug method. This method is a way of repairing by patching the leaking area using cement mixed with chemicals as medicine to make the cement dry faster. Fixing using this method can also resolve leaks in the basement area but temporary.

  • Make the Second Wall

The intent of the second wall is to create another wall next to the leaking wall area. Then make gutter to drain the water to the chopsticks. The purpose of making this second wall is the area of the leak is covered by the second wall. This method is done because there is no handyman/professional who can fix the leakage in the basement.


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