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Window Height from Floor

window height from floor

The window size is usually not disputed by many people because the shape and size are considered not too important. Sometimes people also do not pay attention to the window height from the floor. But actually, the size of the window is different from one another. This difference is based on its function and layout. In the construction field, there is a standard size used for windows on occupancy. The standard is intended to provide comfort and optimize the use of a window at home.  Then, what kind of standard size for windows at home? See the following explanation to know the ideal standard of window height from the floor.

Functions of the Window

Basically, the purpose of window installation is to transfer natural light from outside into the house. To get a natural light, the window must be installed on the wall associated with the outside of the building. Another function of windows is as a tool for air change from and into the house, of course when the window cover is opened. Or maybe the window cover was designed with a hole in it. The window also serves as a tool for access to views from inside and outside the house, this depends on the type of the cover. In addition to those mentioned above, windows can also serve for the aesthetics of a house building. Model of the window, placement, and size will greatly affect the aesthetics.

Designs of the Window

There are several other considerations in planning windows, which are:

Window Direction

  • Wherever possible, avoid the windows to the west. That direction will bring in massive amounts of solar heat radiation during the afternoon. For some people, the window in the east is preferred because it enters the early morning sunlight. If the condition of the land is not possible to avoid the use of windows in the west, use shading to reduce radiation and solar heat. Shading can be either horizontal shading placed above the window or vertical shading on the left and right side of the window. With the shading, the sunlight which is come into the room will be indirect sunlight (reflection), so that we will only get sunlight, but not get the radiation heat.

Security Aspects

  • Avoid using a window with too large size on the wall directly connected to the outside area of the building. This is because it will be more difficult for you in the security aspect. The easiest and most frequently used safeguards are using a trellis. If you want a window with a large or width size, it will be safer if you apply it in areas that are protected by the fence.

Ideal Window Size

The upper threshold height of the window should even be made to be equal to the height of the upper threshold of the existing door. While the lower threshold height is measured from the floor adjusted to the function of the window. Then you will get a neat building, beautiful, and also comfortable to live in.

The ideal standard of the window height from floor is divided into two parts, namely:

Main Window

  • This window is usually close to the front door of the house. The size of the main window: at least the width is 80 cm and the height is 120 cm.

Room Window

  • The location of this window is in the room and its function for lighting and air circulation. It is recommended that the room window size of at least 60 cm wide and 80 cm high.


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