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Installing Sliding Closet Doors on Tracks

installing sliding closet doors on tracks

Sliding closet doors which are also known as bypass doors when one of the doors is shifted will close the door next to it so as to minimize the use of the room. There are many different sliding closet doors, ranging from French sliding doors, wood, glass, and mirrors. In fact, there are so many different sliding closet doors styles that are suitable for contemporary or modern homes. Many of these doors operated by moving on tracks, which means you need to install the track inside the closet doors. Follow the following steps in installing sliding closet doors on tracks in your room.

Prepare the required equipment, including:

  • Hacksaw
  • Iron ruler
  • Screwdriver
  • Electric drill machine
  • Screws
  • Material doors to be installed
  • A set of rails for the door with a set of key slots


  1. Prepare the door for installation. If you want a different look, you can add color or painting to your closet doors. Paint the door before installing it. After that, measure your closet. Determine the width and height of the closet door.
  2. Take the track you have prepared and cut it according to the width of your closet. Use a hacksaw to cut it. Create two holes on the right and left sides of the cabinet using an electric drill to screw the track onto your closet frame. Place the new track on the top side of the cabinet using an electric drill. Make sure the screws fit into the track so as not to protrude and disrupt the movement of the closet door. However, do not install too tight because it is feared it will break the track. Also, install the tracks at the bottom of the closet according to the measurements that have been made.
  3. Install two pairs of the wheel at the bottom of the door but do not get too close to the edge. To make it easier to bolt it, you can use an electric drill to fit the screws. Attach the lock slot to the pint. Make a hole to plant the door slot according to the size of the key slot. Do not forget to install the door handle. When everything is installed, you can move on to the next step.
  4. Make two inline holes 1 cm deep and 1 cm wide at the bottom of the door for the purpose of retaining the door as the door is moved. Attach the rails to the size that has been in accordance with the door. When it is installed, install the door and then install the lock so as not to lose when it is shifted. After the door is installed, attach the bottom end of the door using a drill machine with special screws that fit the retaining size. The final step is to test whether your sliding closet doors work perfectly or not.

This is the right choice for people who live in small places or apartments and cannot add space for cabinets to their homes. Sliding closet doors are very useful for people who cannot build their own cabinets. Its form and use are very practical without making your narrow space look full.


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