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Add on Blinds for Sliding Doors

Add on blinds for sliding doors

Blinds are usually installed to beautify windows and sliding doors at home. One of the purposes of blinds for sliding doors is a barrier to indoor activity is not visible from the outside room. Another function is as a barrier to prevent the entry of sunlight into the room. Blazing sunlight can interfere with the comfort of homeowners. Many motifs and color blinds are available. But to anticipate confusion in choosing, you should consider some of the things below.

  • Recognize the theme of your room

In this stage, you should be more sensitive to the theme of your room, whether themed classical design, traditional, minimalist, traditional, futuristic, etc. If at the beginning of planning the design theme of the room has been determined, then this will be very easy in the selection of blinds in each room. Most blinds are available in a minimalist style. For a minimalist style room, this model of blinds is generally made of plain fabric that is not patterned so that the fabric looks clean. Or it can also use solid natural colors.

  • Determine the point of interest in the room

At this stage, you must recognize the point of interest of the room that is highlighted. It aims to keep the blinds you choose is not colliding with the point of interest, so it will impress the harmony and not seem crowded. The selection of blinds can also be adjusted to the color of the walls and furniture around it. You can also customize the blinds model with your home design. For example, if your house is a classic style, you can choose with a complicated design. Meanwhile, if your home is minimalist style, choose a blinds model that gives a simple impression. If your room does not have a point of interest, then you can make the blinds as a side of interest. Choose materials that have a motive that is attractive and interesting but still in harmony with the theme of the room. In this case, the determination of colors, models, and motifs become important. And dare to experiment with your ideas.

  • Determining the type of blinds

Here are some kinds of blinds you need to know:

  1. Wood blinds: These types of blinds are made of non-fabric. Wooden blinds provide maximum privacy in the room. This form is very efficient and gives a strong character to the room.
  2. Blinds fold: Blinds fold is made from a variety of materials, ranging from linen, canvas, cotton, to denim. These blinds can be used to beautify windows and sliding door in kitchen, living room or bedroom. For practicality, you can combine the types of blinds that exist. This type of blinds has many variations of models. Examples such as roman blinds, rolling blinds, vertical blinds, and blinds are folded like a bow tie.
  • Look for references as a guide

References will greatly help you to give an idea of what blinds will support the room in your home. Look for referrals from any source, such as the internet, home decorating magazines or people you think you know for good material selection and motive information. It will be very helpful to anticipate the confusion you can experience when choosing blinds because considering the number of materials, motifs, and types of curtains available.


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