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Add on Blinds for Sliding Glass Doors

Add on blinds for sliding glass doors

The sliding glass door or so-called the pocket door is a door that is physically hidden behind a wall when you open it. This type of door is more efficient in terms of optimizing the room. When you imagine using a sliding glass door, you might imagine an elegant patio door used for a condo near the beach where the door will be directly facing towards the beach. Actually, sliding glass doors are not only suitable for buildings near the beach but also hilly or even urban areas.

When you think of installing sliding glass doors, you will get a touch of attractive design and also elegant. Many people have used sliding glass doors and they have felt the benefits. Even if you are a homeowner in an urban or hilly area and you also want to try to apply this type of door in your home, then it can happen. However, before you decide to install a sliding glass door on your home, consider first some advantages and disadvantages of adding sliding glass doors.

Sliding glass doors will provide natural light to your room where you can get direct sunlight into the room. This can also reduce the lighting bill of electricity in your home. In addition, sliding glass doors help you to monitor children’s activities as they play on the back porch without having to join them. Not only that, sliding glass doors can create the illusion of a room that looks great, so people will think you have a big house. Using sliding glass doors is very interesting and can add charm to your home design. You will feel that your home is more open. It has a large size of regular traditional doors so it allows easy movement to enter into the room. For example, you do not have to worry about having trouble when you want to include furniture with large sizes such as large sofas, cabinets or a new Christmas tree.

Because the main material of this type of sliding door is glass, of course, the drawback is its visibility. You may find it difficult to get privacy when guests are visiting. However, this can be overcome with blinds. Add on blinds for sliding glass doors can limit the visibility of the room to one another. Its use is very practical and does not require much of your energy. Blinds made of thick, non-transparent or patterned fabrics can disguise the conditions in each room very well. Maybe you can also install blinds of wood material. In addition to functioning to disguise visibility, blinds also have a vital role to reduce the blazing sunlight that enters the room. Excessive sunlight will greatly disrupt residents and provide heat in the house. With its high design does have a very attractive appearance. Unfortunately, doors that are too high will be difficult to push and shift. High sliding glass doors will be a problem for small residents and they will need extra energy to do so.


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