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Adding a Screen Door

adding a screen door

The screen door is a kind of door cover made of gauze that has holes as air tissue. Adding a screen door is a fantastic addition to be installed in the front door of your home. Its presence can keep the indoor space protected from winter elements and provide cool air during the summer. Below we will explain what steps you need to install a screen door.

  • Measure your door

Measure the door frame (on the outside) to be installed with a new screen door to your liking. Screen doors are generally sold in standard sizes, so you need to figure out which standard sizes are closest to the size of your door. Look for the one closest to your door frame at the home supply store. The size of the door width is generally the same but the height of the door varies. Buy a screen door that is slightly higher than the size of your door if you do not find the right size. But remember that it may take little cuts.

  • Gather the equipment you will need

Take a look at the list of supplies that will be required written on the pack wrapper when you buy the screen door. Appliances such as wedges, screwdrivers, electric drills, rulers, and metal cutting tools are usually required. Collect the equipment before you start it.

  • Decide which way the door will open

Generally, the screen door handle should be on the same side as your main door handle. However, if the door handles are blocking each other, the screen door will open in the wrong direction.

  • Install the rain gutter

Perhaps this is important enough to be installed at your door. Rain gutter above the door serves to keep the rain water seepage does not enter the screen door and the main door. Follow the manufacturer’s instructions to install this protective device.

  • Attach the screen door to the door frame

Set the screen door to the same distance on both sides and from top to bottom with the door frame. The door should be approximately 3 mm from the ends of both sides and 6 mm from the top and bottom ends. Most screen doors have been accompanied by a sill expander to help the screen door fit better if the size of the door is too small.

  • Adjust the door size

If your screen door is too big, adjust the hinge or sill expander by cutting it to the right size. Mark the hinges on the door and door handle using a pencil. Make sure that the door is in the correct orientation when you do this.

  • Install the hinges and door handle

Place the hinges where you mark them. Be sure to check that the hinges are open in the right direction. Then, install the screen door handle based on the manufacturer’s instructions. Many of the screen doors have been installed with their door handle.

  • Test the screen door

Try to open and close the screen door. Check carefully to see if your screen door can be opened and closed easily.


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