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Bifold or Sliding Closet Doors

bifold or sliding closet doors

The presence of a closet in a bedroom will be very helpful for residents to store all their goods. The attractive and beautiful closet design will greatly affect the look of a room. The interesting closet design is obtained from its handle, doors, and colors to basic materials. For the design of doors, there are two unique closet doors that you should consider if you want to replace your conventional door closet at home. Both types of doors are sliding doors and folding doors. Bifold or sliding closet doors have the same function that is as a cover to prevent dust so as not to contaminate the goods in it. In terms of appearance, the differences are not so visible. But if you look more in detail, the differences will be obvious. Here we describe the comparison between the bifold with the sliding closet doors


The first is how to open the door. Bifold closet doors have a technique of opening the door by folding the doors when the closet is about to open. The shape will form the folds that gather in the corner. The number of doors on the bifold closet is at least three and a maximum of five. While sliding closet doors are opened by sliding to the side of the room. Typically, the door on the sliding closet consists of at least two doors up to a maximum of three.

The second difference lies in the installation of door rails. The rails on the sliding doors are located at the top. So when the door has been installed, then it will rest on the top rail. While the bifold door is located on the panel in the direction of the rail.


Generally, when a door is opened, it will make a 90-degree angle or even 180 degrees. This is different from the workings of bifold and sliding doors. Both doors have the same way of closing and opening. You can use one-sided or two-sided methods. What is meant by the one-sided method is when the door closet will be opened then the door only needs to be shifted and stored on one side only. While the meaning of the two-sided method is when the door is opened, then the next will be stored on both sides, either right or left. Both methods are more practical and do not use too much space.

In terms of openings, of course, the bifold door is better. Bifold doors can open from the top right to the left end. It only takes a few places to put the folds. Meanwhile, the sliding door cannot open fully. This is because there will still be fixed-door which means that the door cannot be shifted again when it’s up to the edge of the door.

The use of materials from both partitions of doors is not much different. Both use materials such as wood, plastic or other materials. The rails used are also the same as using iron or aluminum. Of course, both will also require wheels for the doors to be shifted or pushed easily.

When you choose between sliding or bi-fold closet doors, it’s good if you pay attention to its needs and functions. Find the closet that is right for your bedroom theme and also whether you need a large or minimalist closet door. Pay close attention especially to your budget. There is nothing wrong if you search in some stores or online shop that sells these products at an affordable price.


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