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Big Glass Sliding Doors

big glass sliding doors

Sliding doors are now increasingly in demand, especially for modern-minimalist style homes. This type of doors can be an alternative decoration that will make a room look more spacious. In contrast to the ordinary or traditional door type, the sliding door does not take up space when it is opened. For a small house, this sliding door is very helpful in saving space.

One of the sliding door variants is a sliding glass door. There are several advantages of the use of sliding glass doors, such as this door can create the illusion of space. The glass creates an optical illusion so the house looks more spacious than the real, especially when used for the liaison between the living room and the backyard. The sliding glass door also allows plenty of natural light that lights up the house and allows plenty of fresh air in. Glass doors are usually large, some even two times larger than the standard door sizes. So it will make it easier for you to pass or bringing large furniture into the house. The use of big glass sliding doors is a great idea for a small house to make it look bigger and more comfortable. However, sliding glass doors require more attention than wood sliding doors or ordinary doors. Here are the problems that often arise from sliding glass doors and how to fix them:

  • Mold on the glass

The fungus on the glass surface looks like a crust that makes the glass door look dull and opaque. This fungus is more visible on the corner of the door, although it also appears in the middle of the glass. Your view through the glass becomes unclear as usual. To prevent it, wipe the glass door with a mirror cleaner every week. Do it in a circular motion. Immediately dry whenever you see a splash of water attached.

  • Noisy when opened

Not only notice the glass conditions, you also have to watch the door hardware made of rubber glued along the edge of the sliding door. This rubber serves as a cushion to reduce the noise when the door is shifted. If you start hearing an uncomfortable sound being heard when the door is opened, this indicates that the rubber is starting to thin out. Ask for expert help to replace your sliding glass doors.

  • Hard to open

If the door starts to feel heavy and hard when shifted, maybe the cause is the roller or railing that starts crusting. Clean the area under the door, especially on the roller every week. Make sure there is no residue of dirt or dust attached which causes the door hard to open. Add the lubricant on the roller so it can rotate perfectly.

  • Nest of dust and ants

Notice the pads at the bottom of the glass door and the roller lane. If you never clean it, then at the bottom of the door can be a nest of small animals, like ants and even small cockroaches. Always clean the roller lane and then wipe it with a cloth soaked with detergent or floor cleaning fluid.


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