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Big Sliding Glass Door

big sliding glass door

Sliding glass door is generally used in large buildings, such as office buildings, schools, colleges, and restaurants. But lately, sliding glass doors began to be widely used as an alternative door design that can be implemented in the dwelling. The sliding door is flexible. In the sense that the sliding door not only serves as a door only, but can also be used as a window, wall, or bulkhead between rooms. Its presence can also affect the look of the room. The use of big sliding doors will give a more modern impression and create a spacious illusion in the room. Of course, it should be supported by the aspects of coloring, materials, and lighting that fits.

However, if you want to use the glass-based door, there are mandatory points that you need to consider first. It takes a little extra cost to make big sliding glass door because the price of railing or sliding line for the wheel is quite expensive. In contrast, the hatching door is relatively less expensive. In addition, caring for doors made of glass is not as easy as caring for wooden doors. Here are some tips you can do.

  • Select the appropriate place

In contrast to the hatching doors, doors are made of glass vulnerable to break. Therefore, you should choose a suitable place to apply a sliding glass door in the dwelling. Avoid using this sliding glass door for risky spaces, such as garages, warehouses, or other spaces that can cause collisions with heavy objects. Some rooms are suitable for sliding glass doors, such as doors to the garden, workspace, and balcony.

  • Be careful when closing

Always be careful when you use the glass doors. Do not open and close it too hard because the glass material breaks easily. To minimize shocks on the glass during a collision, you can coat the entire edge of the glass door using a strong enough aluminum or iron metal component. The use of foam or rubber can also work well as a crash barrier to muffle the sound when the door is moved, especially when touching the door frame.

  • Railing treatment

The main problem of the sliding door is on its railing. Usually, the problem that often happens is on the wheel due to the buildup of dust. In order to keep the door easily opened and closed, clean the rails and wheels on a regular basis. If the wheel has started to crust, clean it with a detergent solution. You can ask for professional help to remove the sliding door from the rail.

  • Regular cleaning

Clean your sliding glass door regularly at least once a week. Use a cleansing soap and microfiber rag with a circular motion to avoid scratching the glass surface. Regular cleaning is also very useful for removing opaque on the glass door surface. The result you will get is clean and shiny sliding glass doors.


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