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Blinds or Curtains for Sliding Glass Doors

blinds or curtains for sliding glass doors

Blinds and curtains are fabric/textile pieces that are generally used as a cover for windows and doors. Blinds and curtains have the same function that works to reduce the sun glare as well as increase the aesthetics of the space. At night both are useful to prevent the light from coming out of the room and limit the view from the outside to look inside the house. However, both have differences in terms of models, shapes, sizes, colors, patterns, and materials. If you as a homeowner who is confused to apply blinds or curtains for sliding glass doors, here are some tips that you can make as a consideration.

  • Curtains for Sliding Glass Doors

Curtains are made of fine fabrics that have a variety of colors. You can choose curtains that are thick or thin, large or small according to the taste and theme of your room. The curtains consist of various types, materials, and motifs. The curtain should be hung with a sufficient height level as this creates the illusion that makes the window appear taller. Curtains are suitable for use on sliding glass doors that are small or large. To operate the curtain is quite simple. There are hooks on the top of the curtain to be attached to the pole. To open and close the curtains, you just have to drag the curtain left or right manually.

  • Blinds for Sliding Glass Doors

Blinds can be considered quite iconic because the form of strips is neatly arranged vertically and horizontally. The materials often used are wood, but can also be made of rubber, aluminum or fiber and even cloth. Here we give examples of types of blinds are often used:

Roller blinds work by rolling up. When it closes the glass doors, it works by unrolling it down. You will need the help of a special tool to roll it up. There are several kinds of materials commonly used to make roller blinds such as cloth, canvas, leather or cotton. Roller blinds are very suitable to be applied in the office, coffee even residential houses that have a large sliding glass door.

Zebra blinds are the latest blinds that are now widely used for both home and office. Her attractive model like the zebra gives a different impression than the other blinds. Zebra blinds come with a dappled combination of vitrase fabrics and thick fabrics. This type of blinds is horizontal so you can adjust the incoming sunlight through the glass door easily. If you want the room not exposed to the sunlight then you can pull it in the position of the dark fabric color. When if you want the sunlight to penetrate the glass doors, then you can position the blinds in the white condition. You do not have to worry when installing white blinds because from outside the room will not be able to see you so that the privacy of the room is maintained. The operation of zebra blinds is by manually scrolling with a chain that is on the side of the zebra blinds.

Ares blinds have almost the same model as zebra blinds. Ares blinds have two parts or two layers so you can adjust them to dark colors only or bright colors. You can also set it to be dappled like zebra blinds but it looks like roman shades when blinds are opened.

Various types and models of blinds and curtains available in the store will help you in determining which model is suitable for your sliding glass doors. Always remember to choose the design of blinds or curtains that fit your home theme.


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