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Blinds to Cover Sliding Glass Door

blinds to cover sliding glass door

Blinds are covers for windows and glass doors that look different from the type of curtain in general. We often find blinds used in the interior of office buildings and occupancy. Blinds have an important role as a regulator of sunlight that enters the room. When the sun is very hot, blinds can be very useful for filtering incoming light through windows or glass doors. When the evening comes, blinds can serve to reduce visibility from outside the house, so that activity inside the house will not be seen. Then what kind of blinds can you choose and use? Actually, there are many choices of models of blinds that you can choose according to the needs and interior design of your home. In fact, you can actually use blinds to cover sliding glass door. Read more for various models of blinds that are widely used.

Vertical blinds have vertical strips that are perpendicular from top to bottom. Because the shape is perpendicular and rigid, so the type of material used is different from other types of blinds. Vertical blinds are made of fiber glass or polyester which is not easily curved and damaged if in use in a long time. Vertical blinds are available in several types or materials, such as vertical blinds dim out, semi blackout blinds, vertical blinds blackout, solar screen, and natural art. Each type of vertical blinds also has various series.

Venetian blinds are a type of blind that is almost the same as vertical blinds but has a different shape. Venetian blinds are horizontally shaped with several types of options, such as deluxe Venetian blinds and perforated Venetian blinds. To operate it, you can choose to use manual system, one control chain, on control acrylic, or one stainless control.

Wooden blinds or bamboo blinds are similar to Venetian blinds, but the materials used are wood and bamboo. Although made of wood, the choice of colors is available in many options that you can choose according to taste. Using wooden blinds can provide a natural, traditional or natural atmosphere in your home. This type of blinds is available in sizes 27 mm, 35 mm and 50 mm. Each type is available in the manual system, stick system, pull cord system, and one control chain system. Because these blinds are made of wood material, then the price is definitely more expensive than other types of blinds.

For those of you who want to get a different impression and more interesting then the use of roman shades can be the right choice. Roman shades are the latest type of blinds made of plain or patterned fabrics like curtains. The shapes of romance shades exactly the same as Venetian blinds in the form of strips but its size is wider and bigger. Because of its large strips, the impression generated in the room is soft and attractive. Roman shades can be used for various room concepts, such as classic, minimalist, shabby-chic, modern, and so on. Because it is made from the same material as curtains in general, you can choose the type of materials, colors, and motifs to suit your taste.

The latter are roller blinds. This type of blinds in the form of roll up from the bottom to top which is equipped with chain system and spring system. Roller blinds are available in a variety of options, such as superior dimensional roller blinds, deluxe dim out, semi blackout, blackout superior, super quality blackout, solar screen roller blinds, and natural art.

Generally, the blinds above are suitable for window glass. However, that does not mean that the types of those blinds cannot be used for glass doors. For those of you who want to use one of the blinds above to cover your sliding glass doors, then you can try it. Come to the store and ask the manufacturer for help to measure the blinds you need.


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