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Build Your Own Barn Door

build your own barn door

Barn doors are one of a variety of door types suitable for use in minimalist homes. Barn door does not require a large area to open it. Therefore, this type of door is very suitable placed in a limited room. But that does not mean a large house is not suitable to use barn door. This type of door can be made of various materials, such as glass, wood or aluminum. One of the barn doors that you can make yourself is made of wood. How to do? Here are the steps you need to follow to build your own barn door.

  • Appropriate door placement

First, determine the placement of the barn door in your home. If you intend to replace the old door with a new door, be sure to remove it carefully so as not to damage the frame door, especially if the old door is using a rotary hinge. You will also need to check the condition of the wall around the frame whether there is a crack or not. Immediately fix the existing crack by patching it.

  • Selection of the desired wood species

There are various types of wood that can be used to make doors, starting from teak wood, Meranti wood, ironwood or plywood. Each wood has different advantages and characteristics. The price offered varies from the size, quality, and origin of the wood. In addition, each wood has a different cursory color. The Red Meranti woods have clear and reddish fibers, while ironwoods have fine fibers in light brown. You may want to consider choosing a lightweight wood so that the barn door is easy to slide.

  • Making the barn door

If you have chosen the wood for your door, the next step is making the door. The barn door to be made must be adjusted to the frame on the wall. Measure the width and height of the frame to get an accurate size before you make the door. Use a wooden saw to cut and do not let the size slip off so that the wood is not wasted. Do not forget to sand the wood to remove the fibers sticking out.

  • Installing the wheels

The most important part of a barn door is the wheel because the wheel allows the movement of the door. Install two wheels with the position at the bottom left and right of the door. You must pierce the bottom of the door to be able to install the wheels using a drill machine. Then, attach the wheels with screws. Make sure the wheels are used strong enough to support the barn sliding door.

  • Installing a buffer iron

Iron buffer serves as a place to hang the barn door. The length of the buffer iron can be adjusted to the width of the wall or adjust the length as far as the door can be shifted. To attach the buffer iron to the wall, you will need an iron ring as a hook. The iron rings are fitted with screws to the wall then connect with a small iron pipe. Then, the buffer iron can be installed.

If you want to use the barn doors as the main door of your bedroom, make sure the door can lock tightly. Before you install the barn door, maybe you can paint the door first so that the door display is not monotonous. Adjust the color options with the theme of your room.


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