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Building a Sliding Barn Door

Building a Sliding Barn Door

Using a sliding barn door is a great choice for narrow spaces. The sliding barn door is also called the door of a minimalist house because it is very space saving. Many of us find different types of materials used to make doors, such as plywood, hardwood, and aluminum. Then, can the beginners make their own a sliding barn door? Of course, they can. What are the steps and what tools are needed? Check out this article about building a sliding barn door.

  • Determine the three main sizes

In the process of making sliding barn door, you will need three main sizes to arrange the door frames. The first is the total width of the wall where the sliding door will be placed. The total width in question will be measured from one end to the other, but can also adjust to how far the door you want to slide. At the very least, the door should be shifted as far as double the width of the door. Then the second is the height of the wall from floor to ceiling. The last measure is the width of the sliding door frame. You can use the roller meter during this measurement process.

  • Buy wood material

You have got the required size, next is you need to buy a small wooden beam that will serve as a sliding barn door framework. Because the sliding door is placed indoors, the wood material does not need to be too heavy. Choose a type of wood that is light and flexible. Wood beams usually still have a rough surface, then you must sand them first so that the sticking wooden fibers can be lost.

  • Arrange the framework

The framework to be created is divided into internal and external frames. Later, both frames will be combined. The framework that needs to be created first is the inner framework. When all the wood has been cut into the required size, it is time to wrap it into a sliding door frame. Start assembling the inner framework first. Arrange woods to form a rectangle and use screws thread to unify it. Now the sliding barn door that you created almost completed. In order for the door to stand firmly, attach the outer frame to the inner frame. With the outer frame, the door will be neatly framed and stronger. Pair the wood planks you have selected on the inner frame. When it is done, combine the outer and inner frames using strong screws. You can paint the outer frame first if you want it. Just make sure the wood paint you use has been completely dry before affixed with the inner door frame.

  • Add wheels and door handles

What distinguishes a sliding door with a conventional door is the use of a wheel that allows the door to be shifted. So before installing the barn door, you need to add the wheel on the underside of the door. It takes two wheels to be mounted on the right and left ends. Keep in mind, when buying the wheels you should choose a strong enough to sustain the weight of the door. The wheels on the door are mounted using screws thread. It will need a drill to give a hole. Once you are done with the wheels, place the door handles on both sides of the door.

  • Install the iron ring

The sliding door will require a rail that allows the movement of the door wheel. The top of the sliding door will be the buffer of the door. Before the door can be supported, pin the iron ring at least two at each end of the door. The width of the sliding door would require more iron rings to balance. Place the iron ring firmly with screws. This iron ring should be able to hold the weight of the door then make sure it is installed perfectly.

  • Install the iron pipe

In addition to iron rings, you still have to install an iron pipe on the wall. Iron pipe serves as a sliding door support at the top then the location of the installation is at the top of the door frame. Install the iron pipe at least twice the width of the frame. But if you want the door can be shifted to both sides of the left and right, then the iron pipe must have a length of at least three times the width of the frame.


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