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Change Front Door Lock

change front door lock

The front door is one of the most important parts of the house because the security of a house is done by the door. Without intending to remove the beauty of doors, lock installation can cause a sense of security when you are inside or out of the house. Currently, there are various forms, brands, and price of door locks offered. It’s okay to buy a door lock with a high price and I suggest you buy a key that has a national standard as a minimum requirement relating to the security of your home. Replacing old keys with new ones is also not a bad idea. Indeed, to do so requires a considerable cost. However, to cut costs, you only need to consolidate the door cylinder instead.

A key cylinder is a tool that serves to push the tongue on the plate to lock or unlock the door. The shape is small and oval where there is a place to enter the key.  Maybe we often experience on our front door, sometimes the key is broken inside the lock cylinder or there is part of the cracked or broken key cylinder. If there is already damage to the lock or the lock cylinder, we can pass the replacement of the lock cylinder without having to replace all parts of the door lock a whole set. These key cylinders are widely sold in stores and are very easy to find. Then, how to replace the door lock cylinder? Below, we will explain how to change front door lock that you can even do yourself.

The first step is to open the door. On the side of the door lock, precisely under the tongue lock and lock iron, there is a plus head bolt that can be opened using a head screwdriver plus. The bolt holds a lock cylinder on the key body. We just need to loosen its bolts in order to release the cylinder.

The second step is after the locking bolt is loose then you can release the lock cylinder from the key body by pushing out the lock cylinder from the direction of the keyhole. Because once the bolt is removed, the lock cylinder will be very easily removed and can be replaced with a new lock cylinder.

The third step is replacing the cylinder. It is very easy to do by removing the bolt found on the bottom of the tongue lock that serves to lock the door. By turning the bolt to the left (counterclockwise) the bolt will be detached. If you want to attach the bolt, turn it to the right (clockwise). Once the bolt is released, you can press it in one direction so that the door lock cylinder can be removed. If you want to install a new cylinder, then the steps reverse the above steps, namely by inserting the cylinder to the lock house and installing the bolts for the cylinder is not released. It’s easy, is not it?


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