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Change Lock on Front Door

change lock on front door

Changing front door locks is a good thing to do as safety and prevention of bad things that may happen. This is a simple task and takes only minutes. This article will explain you how to change lock on front door without needing to ask for help of key experts.

  1. Determine which brand of key you have. It is usually printed on the hook section, but also can be found on the key body. You do not need to take a long time to change the right key, as long as you know the brand, shape, settings, and key features. Those will help you make sure that the new key looks good.
  2. Replacing your keys with the same brand and basic style will help ensure that there is no need to modify your door.
  3. Measure your doorknob. Generally, the front and back door lock hooks will be larger than the key hooks in the interior of the house. Knowing the previous size will help you avoid buying wrong or misplaced keys. The old lock hooks may have varying sizes, but they are generally smaller and you will need extensive knowledge of wooden crafts for this. Or if you are unsure, please check with the repair shop for a new lock hook.
  4. Remove the inner knob whenever possible. Remove the spring in the door handle. That way, the doorknob will lose easily and you will see a decorative cover. If the spring button is inaccessible before disconnecting the decorative cover, remove the inner cover first before removing the spring button. Then, remove the interior decorative cover. Screws that cover may not be visible after you release the button. If it is present, remove it and store it in an easily accessible place. If it is not visible, look along the edge of the place where they hide the bolt. If there is no such hole or screw, the plate must be somewhere else. Use a flat-blade screwdriver to remove the cover and a locking mechanism will be visible.
  5. Unload the lock by removing the inside of the screw. Remove the screw that secures the inside of the lock to the outside of the lock. You will see some of the knobs inside. When the screws are removed, you will easily remove some of the knobs from the door. Do not leave the door closed or you have to re-enter some of the knob with a knife, screwdriver, or butter knife to open it.
  6. Remove the bundle of latches. Remove the two screws from the set of latches that are next to the door. Also remove the locking plate on the frame door. If your new key is the same as the old one, you can save the latch and its plates. Compare the new plate with the old one. If it is the same, it should be left in place where possible. Removing and replacing the screws will cause the plate clamp to weaken. If you can press using a new screw, you should make one or two screw holes first and press inside with the end of the door (using a toothpick would be better). Another alternative is to buy longer screws, but make sure the screw head is the same as the one made by the manufacturer or else the screw does not fit and will cause problems.


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