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Different Types of Sliding Glass Doors

different types of sliding glass doors

Lately, many homeowners love the look of minimalism in their home interior design. A minimalist design can be obtained from the use of furniture, interior walls, doors, etc. Type of door that is suitable to be combined with a minimalist home is sliding door. This door is also very suitable to be applied to occupancy that has limited space. Sliding doors can be made from wood, aluminum, and glass materials. Sliding glass doors are very popularly used for doors inside the house. This is because sliding glass doors can be a good intermediary for sunlight to get into the house. In addition, sliding glass doors can be an efficient and futuristic space separator.

Sliding glass door is operated by horizontally shifting along the tracks to open or close it. This type of sliding door is dominated by glass. The door is mounted by hanging on the top rail and moved in both directions with the aid of the wheels. Currently, there are many types of sliding doors available for consumers. Below we have summarized the different types of sliding glass doors that can be used as references.

  • Pocket Sliding Doors

Pocket doors are the most commonly used sliding doors in areas that have no room for hinged doors. Pocket doors can slide and disappear behind the wall. Door rails are usually located on top but sometimes there are rails located on the floor. Pocket doors are commonly used in various applications such as bathrooms, wardrobe or in other places that have limited space so as not to allow the use of traditional doors. For a different look, you can customize the glass of the pocket doors. The glass can have a clear or opaque look that fits your imagination.

  • Arcadia Sliding Doors

Arcadia doors are another type of sliding doors that are quite attractive. This door is rectangular and as a whole is made of glass. Arcadia sliding glass doors are mounted on parallel rollers with certain glass panels and in similar shapes. When the glass door is shifted, it will hide behind the glass door next to it. These doors are most commonly used as a separator between interior and exterior rooms that usually lead directly to the backyard or patio area. The look of the Arcadia door is almost similar to the patio door.

  • Bypass Sliding Doors

Bypass doors are the kind of doors that slide past each other when open, just like arcadia doors. When the door is closed then the door stands adjacent to each other. To give a different look, you can add a glass material on the bypass doors. The top of the bypass doors is glass while the lower half is wood or aluminum. Bypass doors are usually installed for the separation between the main room and the workspace.

If you have decided to use sliding glass doors as your home interior, then pay attention to the selection of glass. The glass you will use must be of the tempered type. A glass sliding door equipped with tempered glass can be very powerful because it has a thickness of the regular glass and also has a 5-fold resistance level of ordinary glass.


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