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DIY Paint Front Door

diy paint front door

Does your front door look dull or even the old paint is already peeling? If it does, so you need to immediately paint it. Repainting the front door can make the house look beautiful and fresh. No special skills required, but only thoroughness. If you want to find information DIY paint front door, here we present the information.

Before you do the painting of the front door, you will need some of the following tools and materials, such as:

  1. If you choose spray gun, then you have to spend more money to buy a compressor that serves to provide wind pressure. If you use a roll, it may not be used in a plane of doors that is not flat or has many indentations. The easiest and cheapest tool is the brush. The use of the brush in painting also cannot be done haphazardly. Choose a brush that has a size in accordance with the door to be painted for a neat result.
  2. Choose a special paint wooden door. There are many types and brands of wood paint are available then you should choose a wood paint that has the best quality for the look of your door can last long.
  3. Prepare a container for easy mixing of paint and water. You can take advantage of containers of cans of biscuits, buckets or other items.

Steps to paint front doors:

Step 1: Implementation of putty

Putty works to ensure the surface of the wood is completely flat. Apply putty on the wooden door area with holes. It is advisable to apply the putty made of epoxy glue in which generally consists of resin and hardener. But if you want a practicality, simply select the instant putty sold in many building stores. After that, apply the putty to the entire surface of the wood evenly. You can notice the usage instructions listed on the packaging.

Step 2: Wood refinement

After the putty has hardened, use a sandpaper to smooth the surface of your front door. This refinement aims to remove dirt that attaches so that new paint will easily stick to the surface of the door. Rub gently in the direction of the wood fiber. The first sanding process uses a coarse-textured abrasive in advance of the number 80, 100, or 120.

Step 3: Closing the pores

Make sure the surface of the wood is dry, smooth, and flat. Then, you can use wood filler to cover the wood pores so that the surface is even flatter. Alternatively, you can make your own wood filler by mixing 1 ounce of ocher mix, 1 pack of wood glue, and water. Then apply the wood filler using a scraping knife in the direction of the wood fiber evenly.

Step 4: Putty refinement

After the wood filler layer dries, you can sand the surface of the door for the second time. The second stage sanding process uses the number 120 or 150.

Step 5: Applying the first paint layer

Stir continuously paint so that there is no deposition at the bottom of the can. For first layer painting, you can start with a wood stain that has been mixed with water and stirred evenly. Apply wood stain in one direction. Then, wait for the first coat to dry perfectly for about one to two hours.

Step 6: Applying the second paint coat

After the paint has dried, use sandpaper to smooth the front door surface once more. After that paint it again until you get the desired color. Remember, the more layers of paint are applied then the resulting color will darken.

Step 7: Applying the clear coat layer

If the resulting color is in accordance with the desired, apply the clear coat with a gloss or doff. In order to clear the coat to dry perfectly, wait or leave your front door that has been painted overnight.


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