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Dog Pee on Wood Floor

Dog pee on wood floor

Having a dog as a pet at home is not only gives pleasure but also can lower the stress level of the owner. However, well-trained dogs sometimes throw vomit and pee in undue places inside the house causing unpleasant odors. Dog urine stains cause two problems that contain bacterial diseases and produce ammonia that triggers a stinging odor that is difficult to remove. What is more, you will have a little difficulty to clean the urine stains on the wood floor. Dog pee on wood floor is very bad because it will create air pollution in the house. In some cases, you will need a special product deodorizing dog urine to remove the smell of the urine inside the house. Check out the following information that we summarize to help you, pet owners.

  • Cleaning dog urine

Generally, you can lift your pet poop using a dry tissue or disposable plastic gloves. The dog urine is a bit harder to remove. Use several pieces of dry tissue to absorb as much urine as possible from your wood floor. Do it as soon as possible without waiting for the urine to dry. Then, make a solution of dish soap or detergent with warm water. Stir until the solution well blended and frothy. Use the solution to clean the stain.

  • Eliminate the smell of dog urine on wood flooring

The smell of dog urine is very disturbing and quite difficult to neutralize. You need to use a special deodorizing product after removing the stains on the floor. Spray the deodorizing liquid you can buy at the store. If a ready-to-use liquid product is not available, you can make two natural liquids at home. The first solution is to mix colorless mouthwash and vinegar. The second way is to sprinkle wood floor areas that have been cleaned with enough powdered baking soda or coffee powder to cover all parts of the dog urine. These materials are able to absorb the smell of your urine pets. Let stand for a few hours or overnight to get best results. In the morning, use a vacuum cleaner to suck the remaining powder.


You can use unused towels to absorb the urine of a pet instead of using many tissue sheets. After absorbing the stain with a used towel, sprinkle the wooden floor with baking soda powder. Wet wipes can also be used to wipe the stain left on the wooden floor or after you clear the baking soda powder in the morning.

Provide a special pet trash container inside the house and familiarize your dog to use it. Fill the tray with sand or similar material to lure your dog with its instinct when your dog wants to pee. Choose a tray that is not too shallow or has a hood so that the smell in it does not spread outside the tray. Replace sand or container regularly to keep your dog’s health well-maintained.


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