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Engineered Wood Flooring vs Laminate

engineered wood flooring vs laminate

Flooring can make a big change in the atmosphere of your home. That is why for some people the wooden floor is still a favorite. The impression of aesthetics and warmth that left behind cannot be replaced by other flooring materials. Each wood has a characteristic fiber and different colors. Various types and motifs of wood can be used in various styles of design from classical to modern contemporary. The wood flooring technology has also been more modern, making it easier for installation and maintenance.

Before determining and buying wooden flooring, I would like to convey information that will be useful in choosing wooden flooring as you wish. Among the three types of wooden flooring, I will discuss engineered wood flooring vs laminate in this article.


Engineered Wood Flooring

You can still get the original wooden look by using engineered wood flooring. This type of floor is arranged in a cross to make stability to withstand expansion and shrinkage. Usually, each wooden board consists of 2-3 layers or more and pressed with high temperature and pressure. The top layer is a thin layer of native wood (veneer), while the bottom layer is plywood or HDF (high-density fiberboard). So you do not need to worry because the effects and looks really like real solid wood.

Laminate Wood Flooring

The laminated wood floor is made of the composite wood panel or MDF wood and the surface is coated with a thin film layer. The layers are pressed to stick together with each other. So the laminate floor is not the original wood but the artificial wood that has the appearance of solid hardwoods.



  • The budget required for engineered wood is relatively more expensive than the laminate floor.
  • Many people choose to install laminated wood flooring because of the low cost required.

Floor Surfaces

  • The surface of the engineered wood floor that has usually been coated will make it smooth but not slippery so it is not dangerous for children and the elderly.
  • Laminate floor is more slippery than another type of floor.


  • Installing engineered wood is easy. You can stick the wood to the floor using glue. This wooden floor can also be installed directly on ceramic floors or other types of floors in order to change the look of your home with a fast process.
  • The advantage of laminated wood flooring that it does not require glue in the manufacturing process or installation. This environmentally-friendly mounting process will make healthy air condition and free from thinner or solvent use. The solvent or thinner is very dangerous because it is flammable.

Cleaning and Maintenance

  • For cleaning and maintenance of engineered wood is quite difficult. Unlike a solid wood floor that you can even make your own natural cleaning fluid, you should use a special cleaning fluid to clean the dirt on the engineered floor.
  • This laminate wood flooring product does not require any special chemicals for cleaning process so it is safe to use in the main room. For routine cleaning, you only need to use a vacuum and proceed with wiping it to remove dust and dirt on the surface.


  • The pores on the engineered wood can withstand dust and scratches.
  • Scratches that occur on the surface of laminated wood cannot be repaired, meaning you have to replace the broken wooden board with a new board.


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