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Faux Wood Floor Tile

faux wood floor tiles

For those of you who want to have wood floors but do not want to have trouble taking care of them, there is another option that you can apply that is using tiles. Tiles are now present not only in a plain appearance but also as patterned as copies. Faux wood floor tile may be suitable for you. Tile wood motifs present as a tile that displays wood motifs. Just like other tiles, the wood motif is not only used as a floor. Some people have also applied it as wallpaper wall to beautify their home interior.

Interesting Color Option

Basically there are some interesting color options that you can choose, among others are brown Oakwood, cotton wood, red Brentwood, golden Oakwood, wood soft brown, flat doff Walnut wood, flat doff rose wood, drain gloss brown wood grain, reddish brown, flat gloss yellow wood grain, and there are still other color choices.

Elegant Designs

Tile patterned wood is also produced with various elegant designs such as Roman tiles. There are a variety of designs on the market and among them, you can know are:

  • Natural Beech has a soft wood fiber design and is not so obvious.
  • Premiere Beech that at first glance presents the gradation of wood fibers so it looks more aesthetic.
  • Nature Maple with fiber that is more visible than Natural Beech. However, the fibers shown are not so firm.
  • Planked Oak is vaguely visible wood fibers with a typical brown.
  • Rajah Teak’s design implements a vaguely wood fiber design with a dark brown tile tint.

Tips on Choosing Tiles with Wooden Motif for Home

  1. Choosing Colors: Tiles with wooden motifs placed on the exterior of the house are more identical with dark colors. While the tiles with wooden motifs for the interior of the house identical with light and soft colors.
  2. Choosing Tiles Motif: Customize the wood motif to your taste as well as your home style. For example for you who have a minimalist style house, then choose wood motif with fine fibers. Then the natural impression will be in accordance with the minimalist style of your home. Or for those of you who have a classic home style, then choose a wooden motif with a firmer fiber.
  3. Choosing Quality Tile Material: Be sure not to rush when choosing tiles. Make sure you choose quality tiles, which is not easily cracked, easy to clean, and certainly durable.
  4. Selecting Tiles at Reasonable Prices: Doing price comparison before choosing a wooden patterned tile is a must. It is useful for you to get a reasonable price. Visit some stores to let you know which stores are providing the best price with reliable quality.

Caring for Wood Tiles

  1. Use a soft broom. Use a broom to remove light dust or dirt from the surface of your tile floor. Then, there will be no buildup of dust or dirt that will be difficult to clean.
  2. Use a dust mop. Next, is wiping your tile floor every two days.
  3. Avoid cleaning floors using wax. Use appropriate floor cleaner fluid. Avoid cleaner tile floors with wax or cleaner fluid containing wax. This is because wax can make your patterned tile surfaces become dull and not sparkling.


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