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Feng Shui Red Front Door

feng shui red front door

According to Feng Shui experts, the front door of the house is one of the most important parts of feng shui. The meaning of the door in the understanding of feng shui is usually called the gate or mouth of Chi which draws good energy for your home that enters from the front door which then flows into the entire area of the house. This energy quality will determine the quality of energy in your home. It is believed that a home that has the best quality of energy will gain financial success, strong family bonds, and good health for the people who live in it.

The choice of front door color of the house also affects the quality of the energy. In classical Feng Shui, door colors tailored to the direction of doors and feng shui elements can bring prosperity and comfort to the homeowners. One of the popular colors applied is the red color that is considered as part of the fire element. This beautiful color reflects the symbol of warmth, joy, and passion. Similar to the human self, the house also needs warmth in it. Below is a feng shui red front door tips that may provide new inspiration in presenting the red color in your home.

Red Front Door

If you have a front door facing south then the red front door is an excellent choice for your home. However, if your front door faces east, west, northwest, or north then better choose a color other than red. The house facing south is identified with popularity and appreciation. Usually, the homeowner is good at socializing and red color represents an energetic impression. You can apply red, rose, or garnet color. A feng shui master insists that a red door will give a positive impact on a house.

The red front door is also good if used on a door facing southwest. Maternal energy, love, and marriage are symbols of the feng shui energy associated with the door facing southwest. The homeowner whose front door faces the southwest is usually romantic and family-oriented. No wonder if the homeowner is always cheerful and affectionate. According to feng shui, you must be extra careful with the strong presence of red. This is because red is only suitable for doors facing south and southwest. We recommend applying red color only to some furniture and not to be used on the entire area of the house such as the entire wall in red paint.

Then, what about the front door faces north, east, and west? What colors are suitable for use on doors?

Front door faces north

The north is a feng shui element that represents the water element, so the best option for the north-facing door is the blue color. Be creative to use sky color, turquoise, cobalt, denim, or similar colors so that the color matches the exterior of your home. In feng shui, usually, the north-facing house will give success in the career and business because the north is believed to be the center of the wind.

The front door faces east

The east-facing door is the gateway to spiritual energy. Houses facing east tend to provide health and success. Warm sunshine in the morning will add to your spirits and give a positive aura every day. The right door color is the natural color of the earth like brown, green, blue, and black that symbolizes the power of personality and education.

The front door faces west

The best color for the front door faces west is the color of the metal elements that are white, silver, or gray. Other color options are copper and brass colors.


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