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Floor to Ceiling Cat Tree

Floor to Ceiling Cat Tree

A cat tree can provide a variety of options for cats to jump, in addition to an alternative way to help avoid territorial seizures for those of you who have more than one cat. The cat tree is also portable can be easily assembled again if you want to move to a new room or house. In addition, the cat tree is also the most popular choice to add “vertical space” at home. Cats need a special arena to play and move in the house so as not to get bored. A cat lover can provide a cat condo or cat tree in the house. But the price of cat tree is quite expensive. If you do not want to spend a lot of money, then you can create a cat tree yourself. Here is simple and cheap floor to ceiling cat tree.

Step 1: Designing the cat tree

Before purchasing materials or starting building a cat tree, you need a planning by sketching it on a piece of a paper. There are several things to consider when designing your cat tree:

  1. Consider the limitations of your room. Determine the location and size of the cat tree you will make.
  2. Then consider the character of your cat. If your cat likes to climb, then make a tall cat tree with some perching places. If your cat likes a closed place to hide or sleep, then make a closed corner to sleep.

Step 2: Purchase materials and tools required

  1. A rattan basket (as a bed)
  2. PVC pipe (as the vertical pole)
  3. Dense square wooden boards (as perch)
  4. Hammer
  5. Nail
  6. Wood glue or other strong adhesive

Step 3: Cutting the material

Cut all the ingredients according to the desired size. You can use the planning you have created as a guide.

Step 4: Create a base for your cat tree

Prepare a square wooden board that will be used as a base to be mounted on a vertical support. Before they are paired, it is better to put a carpet or the upholstery that is thick but smooth on the base. Cut the carpet by letting each side a few inches longer than the base of the wood. Then cover the base edges of the wood with the edges of the carpet, then paste on the bottom of the base using a nail. You may need to soften the corner of the wooden board to make it easier when folding the carpet.

Step 5: Create a base for sleeping

Cat trees need a solid base and should be wider than the base or other tree components to prevent the tree from collapsing. To make a base, a good choice is to install a wicker basket. Pair the basket at the very bottom or top of the pipe (according to your sketch). Paste both with small nails. Once mounted, install a soft cloth as a base for the cat to feel comfortable while sleeping in it.

Step 6: Horizontal area

Place the horizontal perch on the pipe. The perches of plywood can be fitted with wood screws and/or glued with glue. Wrap it with a carpet or cloth after pinning it so that the screws do not show on the carpet. Then put the carpet just like you did on the bottom.

Step 7: Proceed according to your design

Continue installing each component according to your plan. Explore your idea to build a unique and interesting floor to ceiling cat tree.


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