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Front Door Frame Replacement

Front Door Frame Replacement

Door frames sometimes experience abrasion due to termites or weathered due to frequent exposure to rainwater and sunlight. If you are experiencing such things on your front door frame, then the best treatment is that you should immediately fix it with several ways of repair, such as cutting and patching with similar wooden beams or replacing the damage front door frame, to replace the entire door frame. Damage on the door frame starts from its wet spot and creeps around it which eventually causes a hole in the inside. This damage can cause the strength of the frames over time to be reduced. Doing front door frame replacement cannot be arbitrary. Follow the instructions below to replace your front door frame.

  • The act of cutting and replacing

The action to be taken if the frame condition is damaged in small quantities is by cutting the cutting area about 4 cm from the damaged part. Then, patch or replace with new wooden blocks that have been measured equally. Drill the wooden beams first to avoid breaking when nailed. If all stages have been completed and the wooden beams have been combined with other parts of the frame, flatten the wall used to place the frame with cement. Then repaint the front door of your new frame or you can paint the wooden beams first before assembling. This action is done if indeed the budget to replace the overall frame is very limited.

  • Replace the entire door frame

If the damage conditions of the frame have been very severe and affect the strength of the frame structure, then the replacement of the entire parts of the frame is the right action. You have to spend a considerable budget. If damage occurs on the left or right on most door frames, then replace with similar but stronger timber. If the budget is sufficient to replace all the frames, the damaged front door frame can be completely disassembled and installed with a new one. If the old door still wants to be used, before unpacking, measure its width and height first so it can still be used. Measure also the position of the keyhole and hinge so that the initial position does not change even if the frame has been replaced with a new one.


Consider in advance the cost you have. Choose the best frame material in accordance with your budget. Think back on the desire to use certain materials. But make sure if the availability of these sizes and materials is available without you waiting too long and costing more. The most important thing is to measure the wall holes to be installed with the new frame. Order a new frame that matches the size of the existing hole as the old door will be reused.

When you are going to cut the broken door frame, it should not be exactly the same size on the damaged piece of wood. Give a span of about four to six centimeters. If the distance is too close, it is feared there are still termites living there. You should never forget where this new beam will be installed.


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