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Herringbone Pattern Wood Floor

Herringbone Pattern Wood Floor

Designing and decorating a home is definitely not an easy task. However, you do not have to worry about it all. Home or room does not need to be decorated with various objects, even in one room enough to present a focal point. If you are confused about what should be a focal point, the following pattern can attract attention and become the focus of the room.

It is herringbone pattern. Have you heard it before? Herringbone pattern is at first glance similar to chevron, a pattern with a repeating look like the letter “V” or as a whole seen as a zigzag line. The difference lies in the placement of every line of letters present in the chevron pattern in which the two ends of the line meet will form the pattern “V” or simply designed to make the letter “V”. While on the pattern of herringbone, the motive character lies in the long legs of the letter “V” are not parallel, but the size is as large and forms a 90-degree angle.

The herringbone pattern is a new pattern in interior design. This motive is present to complement the previous parquet collection. By using this pattern, space will look more dynamic and character. Many people are now starting to use herringbone on their floor. Herringbone pattern wood floor looks very elegant to distract the people who see it because the motive is able to appear as a major element in the room or decorative elements. Through this pattern, herringbone is able to turn the space that is too plain or too monotonous from the design and color. Herringbone pattern can be applied and made from a variety of materials, such as solid wood, plywood, multiplex, ceramic, natural stone, and homogeneous tile.

Along with the high imagination of homeowners, now, herringbone patterns can be installed almost to all home interiors. In addition to the use of the floor, herringbone is also widely applied to the kitchen backsplash. A backsplash is a place that is often applied with unique patterns to make the kitchen looks beautiful. Another inspiration to create interior design in your home is to put herringbone patterns on the walls. A room that looks unique with the presence of herringbone pattern. This pattern is made with wooden parquet that is attached to the wall that makes the room looks unique and fascinating. Although only present in one or several areas in the home, this pattern can certainly give a different impression for the room. Herringbone pattern that is presented can make the room seems classic or modern. The room can still look vibrant without having to look crowded or tacky.

NOTE: If you want to install herringbone pattern made from ceramic pieces, the thing you have to remember is the process will take quite a long time approximately takes two times longer than the usual ceramic installation.

Presenting herringbone pattern is a simple choice to beautify and accentuate the look of a space. One pattern for a more interesting room! Are you interested in applying it?


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