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Horizontal Blinds for Sliding Doors

Horizontal Blinds for Sliding Doors

Blinds are one of the alternatives to sliding doors that are as elegant as curtains. Basically, blinds have two forms: horizontal and vertical. Installation of horizontal blinds for sliding doors is very practical. Treatment of blinds is also very easy and use is also more durable than curtains. To do a routine cleaning, you do not need to remove the blinds but just wipe it with a dry cloth. Operating horizontal blinds can be pulled manually or automatically by remote control. Horizontal blinds are very interesting because they have a variety of materials depending on their types. The most commonly used horizontal blinds are made of thin wood pieces and fabrics. There are 3 types of horizontal blinds that we will learn. Let’s discuss them one by one.

  • Roller Blinds

Roller blinds are installed above the door frame. Roller blinds are very suitably applied to the room to create a personal impression but still interesting when viewed from outside the room. The material used is the material manufacturer with transparent color, semi-transparent, and blur. You just choose according to the theme of your room. The common colors sold are gradations of black to gray, brownish and orange gradations. Roll system can be manually and automatically by using remote control. The most practical material is the material of plastic or fiber because it is easy to maintain.

  • Roman Blinds

The shape of romance blinds is almost the same as roller blinds but the difference is that this type is usually decorated with various motifs, so it is suitable to beautify the room. Materials used are fabric and synthetic. The advantage of using roman blinds is to close the visibility between rooms. Roman blinds can be installed in your sliding doors, so when you shift the door, blinds will not interfere or block the movement of sliding doors.

  • Venetian Blinds

This type of blinds has the most expensive price, of course, because of the variety of shapes and raw materials. There are several choices of materials used to make this type of blinds, ranging from fiber and some are using wood and bamboo. However, the weakness of Venetian blinds is its unclosed shape that makes you have to clean it one by one.

There are at least two of the most popular horizontal blinds used, namely wood and fiber/plastic blinds. In terms of price, obviously, the wood blinds are more expensive. Wooden blinds are more suitable to be applied to natural-themed homes. But the wooden blinds make the pull a little heavier. It is not advisable to often pull the rope as it will increase the load on the straps. To clean it tends to be more complicated and needs special attention because as we know if the wood is sensitive to wet and damp. Meanwhile, aluminum blinds are much lighter with a much cheaper price. If the wood blinds only have wooden colors (and extra white), the aluminum blinds have lots of color choices. You can adjust the color with the color of the wall, the theme of the room, and your furniture.


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